We are happy to announce that a new 4front meetup #12 for frontend developers will be held on May, 17 at 19.00 (UTC+3) in the IMAGURU business club (Fabritsiusa Str., 4 Minsk, Belarus). 

4front12 frontend meetup

4front #12 will gather the best speakers from Belarus and Canada. They will tell about functional programming, sockets and the alternatives. Also, you will find out how to get your project ready for summer vacation and how to accelerate your app to supersonic velocity.

As usual, there will be relaxing friendly atmosphere with coffee and cakes.

Meetup program:

1) Sockets, P2P, and The Alternatives. How to Sync All Apps in an Ecosystem

Egor Malkevich (frontend developer, new technologies lover)

  • Some inspiring intro
  • The age before sockets
  • Sockets, protocols
  • WebRTC
  • Why is it so difficult?
  • Alternatives
  • Tricks

2) Is Your Project Ready For Summer Vacations?

Irina Levina and Elizabeth Selivanova (frontend developer at  LeverX and frontend developer at HiQo Solutions)

  • Intro to greed
  • “Getting skinnier” in HTML
  • “Getting organised” in CSS
  • “Getting modest” in JS
  • Little tips on keeping in shape
  • Resume

3) Functional Programming Tools With Little To No Religion

Pavel Klimenkov from Canda (expert in functional programming)

  • Immutability of thoughts
  • Purity in actions
  • Body of Curry
  • Revelation of functor
  • Grace of monad

4) AMP Or How To Accelerate Your App To Supersonic Velocity

Vladimir Dashukevich (web developer at XB Software)

  • Facebook Instant Articles or Apple News
  • Why is the app running slow?
  • How to write an app without JavaScript
  • Do you need AMP?

Free entrance, as always.  The number of seats is limited.

You can register for the event here or with a help of Telegram bot.

You are also welcome to participate as a speaker in the forthcoming 4front meetups that we held on a regular basis.

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