XB Software company invites you to 4front meetup #7 for frontend developers. It will be held in the IMAGURU business club (Fabritsiusa Str., 4 Minsk, Belarus) on May, 28 at 7 pm (UTC+3).

4front meetup #7


You’ll get to know how to build desktop apps on web technologies  (html, js, css) with the use of nw.js and electron.js. You will also learn about systematization and methodology of frontend development, Go language for beginners as well as client tools for data exchange.


1. Building desktop app on web technologies

Dmitry Dudin (XB Software web developer)

  • Why browsers and browser extenstions are not always enough?
  • nw.js (ex. node-webkit) – coding desktop apps on js, html, css
  • Great app examples that motivate
  • A little bit about architecture and supported platforms
  • About API fundamentals in short
  • Data storage
  • Possibilities of nw.js and ideas of their usage
  • Apps build and build automation

2. Do you believe in systematization or frontend development methodology?

Elizaveta Selivanova and Irina Levina (web developers, BSU students)

  • Why do you need methodologies?
  • Methodologies and their descriptions
  • Strong and weak sides
  • How to accept it? Practical advice

3. Go for common people

Daniil Tsyrkunov (XB Software web developer)

  • What is GO and how to put it into practice?
  • Why do people like GO and why do they despise it?
  • Let’s compare Go with other languages
  • What can you squeeze out of GO?

4. Client tools for data exchange: what and why 

Pavel Klimenkov  (XB Software web developer)

  • Request-response: XMLHTTP, XHR, XHR Level 2 и fetch()
  • Request-response-response: Server-Sent Events
  • Request-request-response-response: WebSocket
  • When you’d better use SSE instead of WebSocket
  • SPARTA!!!: WebRTC

The entrance is free, as always.  The number of seats is limited that’s why you should register for the event. The registration form is here, or you can write to the 4front organisators in facebook.

You are also welcome to participate as a speaker in the forthcoming 4front meetups that we held on a regular basis.

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