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4Front Meetup For Web Developers and Designers

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XB Software organized 4front meetup for web-developers and web-designers. The meetup was held on May, 21 in the Imaguru business club in Minsk. There were 4 speakers (all of them from XB Software company) who told about the latest tendencies in front-end development, shared their knowledge and experience, and brilliantly answered tricky questions.

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The following reports were presented at the meetup:

1) “Game Physics in JavaScript” (by Pavel Klimenkov)


  • World, bodies and rendering;
  • Gravity, collision, friction and interaction in general;
  • Compound objects and constraints;
  • Destruction;
  • Explosions, cars and other examples.

2) “Do you know everything about JavaScript OOP? ” (by Vitali Hornik)


  • The advantages of OOP (for those who forgot);
  • The ubiquitous this;
  • Prototype vs. _proto_;
  • Can’t we create the private modifier?
  • Kill the constructor;
  • Here it is – inheritance, as large as life!

3) “ReactJS – Quick JavaScript interfaces” (by Maksim Kozhukh)


  • React is the very “V” part of MVC abbreviation;
  • Components instead of templates;
  • Always render everything – simple but slow;
  • Virtual DOM goes to the rescue;
  • React vs Angular or Google vs Facebook.

4) “File System and JavaScript. Processing and Saving Files in Browser” (by Vladimir Dashukevich)


  • How you can listen to music offline and watch films in a browser;
  • Drag-and-drop files from/to a browser;
  • Excel parsing (xls and xlsx) on the client;
  • Displaying the content of PDF files on your web page without using a server;
  • Getting / saving / deleting files from a browser.

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