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Amazing Evolution Of Webix Library

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Webix has been recently updated to the version 2.0. It is a great release that includes lots of new features, improved performance and bug fixes. Let’s learn more about these changes.
With this release, DataTable has got such helpful features as:

Rowspan and colspan functionality makes it possible to display complex business data in a clear manner similar to HTML tables.

colspan and rowspan

Header menu is especially useful when you have plenty of columns in your grid and want to control their visibility with a single click.

header menu webix

Webix DataTable allows using such advanced editors as Multi-select editor, Grid Suggest Editor (using another grid as an editor) and DataView Suggest Editor (using dataview objects as select options).

The visibility of DataTable columns can also be changed thanks to the new functionality “grouped columns” that allows collapsing/expanding them with a simple click on the “+/-” icon. This feature helps you organize complex data in a space-saving way.

With Webix 2.0, library users will be able to save not only Tree widget’s current state but also DataTable’s one. If you implement any changes in the datagrid data you will be able to restore this state in the next session as all the changes are saved in local storage or browser cache.

You can read about other DataTable new features here.

The new Webix version has also increased the number of locals, added new editors in property sheet (text editor for passwords as well, multiselect, richselect) and allowed using custom scrollbars similar to Mac OS ones.

Moreover, Webix Form was enhanced by adding multiple-field inputs and multi-select inputs.

Read the whole review of Webix 2.0 in the blog.

The previous version 1.10 that has brought the enhanced documentation and a few minor features. Webix team has added lots of new helpful articles in the documentation, corrected the existing typos and made a mobile-friendly UI.

webix docs

One more great news is that all Webix 1.10 widgets are IE12 ready despite this browser version hasn’t been released yet.

You can learn more about this release in the docs.

Webix 1.10 is not so significant as the previous library updates. For example, version 1.9 has made it possible to define hotkeys for controls in one line of code while Webix 1.8 has allowed building fully responsive web apps.

Now let’s consider Webix 1.9 in more detail. The hotkey functionality for controls could be previously added with custom functions. Now it can be specified for controls with one code line. Pressing a hotkey is the same as clicking on the corresponding control.

Webix 1.9 has also allowed easy adding HTML links into Webix Menu and customizing day cells in the calendar (dayTemplate property).

In Webix 1.8 Webix developers have added 2 features to make your web apps fully responsive.

The first feature includes responsive behavior of layouts. It has 2 modes.

In the first mode when you minify a browser window some layout panels are hidden (the left panel is hidden first). Then when you increase the size of your screen the hidden panels are shown back.

In the second mode if there is not enough space for layout panels they will be moved to the place in the layout that you can specify yourself.

The second feature is a responsive Tabbar. Everything is done fully automatically. When window size changes, tabs are minimized and then pushed to a popup.

Webix team always follows the latest trends in JavaScript web development and takes into consideration users’ advice and requests. That’s why developing with Webix is always efficient, up-to-date and fast.

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