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Time and Materials (TM) Contract vs Fixed Price (FP). Which One Is Better?

For the organization to have the opportunity to exist in the future, it is necessary to recognize the business prospects. Only after determining the possibilities of the business, as well as the directions and methods of its evolution, one can talk about specific strategies for growth and competition. To be able not only to assess …

Waterfall Model in SDLC

software development life cycle

To understand the Waterfall Model in SDLC, it’s necessary to dive into the model’s definition, main phases, what documents are associated as the result of each stage, advantages, and disadvantages.

Key BI Technologies and Tools to Enhance Business Competitiveness in 2019

BI tech for business small

Any company, small or large, generates a huge amount of business information. Without the right approach for storing and processing data, all the info that you collected during the years of work will turn into a burden to carry. But as soon as you adopt a properly designed business intelligence system, you’ll get the possibility …

How Important Is Technology in Education?

Technology in Education small

Each day the world around us looks more and more like a picture from a science-fiction book. Smart speakers connected to the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant services can offer weather reports, tell the latest news, or play a song that better fits your mood. Self-driving cars technology is reaching an incredible level of development. Unfortunately, …

Assistive Technologies for Students with Visual Impairment


Students with visual impairments face unique challenges both in everyday life and education. Thanks to technology, there’s a possibility to develop a wide range of tools, devices, and strategies that help learners with everyday tasks. Such an approach allows them to accomplish questions that would otherwise require the help of other people or be barely …