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EnjoyCSS Update: Create and Share Your Personal Projects with Friends

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We are glad to announce that we have successfully updated EnjoyCSS – an open source feature rich generator of CSS code. The new update brings new useful features, bug fixes and improvements.
The newly added features include simple registration on EnjoyCSS site using Facebook, Google+ or GitHub account. Now you can get your personal account, log in and save your projects there. Alternatively, you can use your email for login and account creation.

enjoycss get profile

Once registration is completed, you get your own dashboard, which can be accessed at http://enjoycss.com/user/[username]/dashboard. The dashboard displays all your projects filtered by the date of creation.

enjoycss save project

We have also updated the logics of Update and Fork functions. So, if a project is created by a guest, stored in the template gallery and belongs to a certain user, it will be automatically added to the profile of a registered user who has updated it first.

Private projects are available at short standard addresses, for example, http://enjoycss.com/1/1 as well as at user addresses that contain user name, for example, http://enjoycss.com/BlackJohn/item/1/1 Thus, you can easily share your projects with your collegues and friends.

Besides, we have fixed serveral critical bugs in the functionality of our css generator that demonstrates a flawless work of copy buttons now. Some minor changes have been made to the button “Get The Code” that was moved to the right bottom part of the interface window. We have also replaced “Undo & Redo” buttons with Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y shortcuts.

enjoycss get the code


That’s all for now. Stay tuned to get the latest updates of EnjoyCSS!

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