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XB Software To Offer Free Trial Testing of App or Site

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We’d like to inform that XB Software now offers free trial testing of sites and apps for its new clients. The dedicated team of experienced QA engineers will do the testing of a vCard site, an online shop, a web service, a mobile or a desktop app free of cost and within a reasonable time frame.

The trial service concerns only certain types of testing, such as functional testing, mobile testing, stress testing, seo testing, usability testing and security audit.

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Here is a list of free to try testing services with a short explanation of what each service includes:

Functional Testing

This type of trial testing involves verification whether the developed application or site meets the set functional requirements. The client can select certain environment for testing his project, choosing OS, browser and screen resolution.

Mobile Testing

A good possibility to test a mobile app developed under the most popular mobile OS (iOS, Android, Windows) on different devices at the client’s choice.

Stress Testing

The offered trial stress testing emulates stress up to 100 users per page. It allows defining how an app or site withstands the load and whether additional stress testing is required.

Seo Testing

A good way to check out how a website is optimized by main seo parameters that could influence the site visability in search engines. For more details, follow this link.

Usability Testing

This type of testing involves UI testing by a focus groups of 3-5 people. The focus group consisting of people from the client’s target audience is invited to complete some tasks with the client’s app/site UI. After tests completion, video tracks with users’ comments are provided together with our QA team comments on each particular track. See an example of UI testing with focus groups with tasks description and recommendations for improvement.

Security Audit

If there are any security issues with a site, app, CMS or servers or it is necessary to check out whether they are secure enough, free security audit to detect critical vulnerabilities can be requested.

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