GanttPRO Gantt Chart New Features and Updated Look

GanttPRO Introduced New Features and Got Updated Look

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The GanttPRO team announces the release of the new version of GanttPRO. In this update: new features, advanced duration setting opportunities, automatic scheduling. Thanks to the numerous feedback letters, performance and stability have been improved and known bugs have been fixed.

Duration, Working Days and Working Hours

Now GanttPRO lets users set duration step (hours (1/5 hour step), days, weeks, months) before starting a new project: hours (1/5 hour step) and days for short-term projects and weeks or months for long-term ones. Also since this update, users can set not only start/end dates for tasks and projects, but working days and working hours.

Now GanttPRO recalculates data and shows task durations in an effective time and calendar days. What’s more, it is more convenient now to track the time a team member spent on a particular task by sorting project tasks by assignees.

Gantt Chart GanttPRO Duration

Automatic Scheduling

The improved project scheduling and the backup possibility were added to GanttPRO. Now you can easily plan projects while GanttPRO makes all calculations for you. Though manual scheduling is still for users, you may need to edit the schedules for dozens of dependent tasks, and that is why Automatic Schedule is here for you.

GanttPRO Automatic Scheduling

What else?

Rename assigned people. Now the team is working on new collaboration features to let users assign tasks not only to virtual people, but also to real ones and develop an effective teamwork. The features will be added to GanttPRO in the near future.

Choose the start date. Every time you create a new project, you will be asked to choose a start day and time for it. When working on a project, you will always see a today date marker on your chart.

The sign-up functionality, the logic of displaying colors and durations of parent tasks, performance and stability have been improved, and known bugs have been fixed. Thanks to the valuable feedback of GanttPRO users (and the brilliant development team) GanttPRO flies now!

What is next?

In the upcoming updates: multiple projects in one tab, additional collaboration features, templates, integrations with other services, advanced exporting possibilities, etc.

We are still in a process of improving GanttPRO and each feedback we receive from our users is highly appreciated! Please let us know what you think about the update via

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