In the previous article  you could read about the WTH 2.0 winners. And now it’s time to tell you about other curious hacks. 

wth 2.0 - part 2

1.Hot Time Timetable. Hot TO-DO-LIST

This is a scheduler with voice recognition and a date picker. You can simply “tell” your smartphone that you want to go to a party next week. Statistics is available, so you can show everyone what a busy man you are.

2.Presentation Remote Control.

This one was made with Reveal.js. The main goal was to give you a possibility to handle your presentation via a smartphone. To take control over the presentation you need to read the proper QR-code. The app also allows manipulating your slideshow. Timers will help you manage your speech time. There is a presentation timer and timers for separate slides available. To keep in mind the plan of presentation, you can make use of notes. A laser pointer is useful when you want to draw attention to something important. If “something important” is small enough, use a zoomer.

3. Socialization As a Game is some kind of a social network. But unlike other social networks, this one doesn’t want you to stay at home. After signing up you should specify your interests. After that your Android app will show you random people with common interests (Yandex Maps are used here) in your hometown. The main goal is to find each other using this map. You can spare some time together, talk about your hobbies and, who knows, become friends maybe.

Moreover, this app allows you to rate your new companion and leave a comment about him. You also get your ranking points, so you’d better be polite.

4. PhotoHole. Family Albums For Lonely Hearts


With PhotoHole you can make a group photo even if there are no people around you. Here’s how it works. You connect to the server and enter any available room. It’s a kind of a chat room, but I think you can call it a “photo room” in this case. Next step is to make a selfie which will be added to a ready photo template. Just as the faces of other room visitors. As a result, you’ll get a group photo with random people. Pretty useful, if you want to disguise yourself for your spy games.

5. Yandex Tetris. When Ordinary Tetris Is Boring For You

Yandex tetris

This app will make your Tetris game funnier. “How can it be funnier?”, you may ask. Here’s a recipe. If you’re a neat and accurate player, Yandex Tetris will bring you some ugly figures of a random form. I guess, I saw one in the form of Canada. If it’s not enough for you, a big Yandex logo will appear on the screen to make your life harder. At least there’s no need to pay to make it disappear. Just tap it and Yandex Search field will appear.

6. Razam. Humanity

“Razam” means “together”. And this is where humanity begins. This online service allows you to share something you don’t need with someone who can’t live without it. There is a mobile application and a server made with MeteorJS. You can post your request on the website. As soon as somebody shares the thing that you need, you’ll get an instant message.

7. Kaomojify.js Smile and code


As you can see from the title, this library can help you to kaomojify your code by adding kaomoji smiles to it. As simple as that!

8. Fat Ninja. Weight Increasing Gan Be Martial Art Too

Well, this one is controversial a little bit. In a few words, it will turn you into a ninja master. But the only ninja power available in this hack is to be fat. I’m not kidding. This is a cross platform app that was developed to help you increase weight. You should practice a lot to become a ninja, you know. And here’s some exercises Fat Ninja offers you: burgers, pizzas, hot dogs and so on. Ninja also should keep fit, so here’s another handy feature: a map that shows you all fast food restaurants around.

9.XYZ Pad. Mobile Joystick

Mobile joystick

Isn’t my PS4 joystick mobile enough? Why should I use this one? Here’s why. This app will turn your smartphone into a joystick. It uses an accelerometer. You can also play with your friends, when there are no video game consoles around. Funny as hell.

10. Solore. Good Vibrations

Solore is an iPhone-controlled next-gen polyphonic vibrator with a tracker of feelings. Real time feelings tracker helps it select the vibration regime that resonates with the physical state of a woman. Mobile application interface is intuitive. No buttons at all. Just a blank screen. Tap it with your fingers to find the best working regime.

11. CopyPasta

This is a landing page hacking service. Give it the URL address of your target and it will collect all the JS-files, styles, images and other content from it. You can pack them into a zip file and save it. Just to learn how it works, of course.

12. CorrelationRocks

This is an online math statistics service. It will help you define correlation between different amounts of data. Because correlation rocks.

13. VirusSpread. In Case Of a Zombie Apocalypse

This application shows you a map with potentially infected areas. You can choose either you’re sick or noninfected. And then, if somebody with a “sick” iPhone appears nearby, the app marks this area with a red dot. It means that this district is attacked by a virus. If one gloomy morning you find yourself in the middle of a huge red area, better stay home for a couple of days. Who knows, what awaits you outside!

14. Travel Trespasser


Good news for all travelers. There’s no need to pay for Wi-Fi in a hotel anymore. When you connect to a non-free Wi-Fi hotspot it usually redirects you to the authorization page instead of the global network. But DNS requests work fine. So, the idea is to encapsulate your data in a UDP package. There is a server part that you can deploy before going to the trip and then send your packages to it. After that server will do anything you want with this data. Post your messages to Twitter, for example.

That’s all. Hopefully, you’ ve enjoyed reading about the hacks and they have inspired you to  take part in the next hackathon in Minsk and create something geeky.

See also an overview of hacks by winners and nominees: What The Hack 2.0: PaperChat, Wi-Fi Catcher and other hacks (Part 1)