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Handy Webix CRM For Successful Customer Management

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Any successful sales or service-related company seeks to improve interaction between its managers and current or future customers. That’s why it evolves a client-oriented approach in all areas of management, and, of course, customer management.

The main goal is to develop long-term relationships and turn your customers into customers for life. It is attainable on the condition you provide a quality product or service with decent support. But it also depends how you build and maintain your customer relationships. Here finding a suitable customer relationship managment (CRM) system  can help a lot.

webix crm system

As a rule, all companies would like to have an easy-to-use CRM system that сan store a large client base, comprehensive interaction history (phone calls, emails, meetings, etc.) and provide simple customer segmentation to define further interaction strategies. Besides, it should have all client-related records at hand any time, that’s why many modern CRMs represent SaaS models, hosted online.

Why Use Webix CRM?

We offer a web-based CRM product that covers the basic needs of any company, and even more. It is quite handy, with all the vital elements a CRM system should have, and is adapted for tablet devices, so that you can keep track of your customer interactions from anywhere and stay informed with no interruptions.

Who Can Use It?

All company employees, communicating with clients:

  • sales managers
  • marketing managers
  • customer service and call center personnel

The Benefits of Webix CRM

  • Keeping all your contacts in one place in accordance with their roles in your business
  • Simple creation and handling of inbuilt activity lists to always keep up with your deadline
  • Effortless handling of your contacts and scheduling activities with them
  • Creating and sharing work space with your team members
  • Collaborative contact management
  • Easy customization of activity types and statuses
  • Closing activities upon a single click
  • Cross browser and cross platform support
  • Touch-friendly and responsive design (Android and iOS tablets)
  • Bulk contact import/export to/from Excel spreadsheets

The Applied Technologies and Frameworks

The System Components

1. Personal area: Settings, Shared Spaces, Data

CRM personal area consists of personal settings, shared spaces to invite teammates for enhanced customer management and data to set up activity types and statuses for your contacts.

1.1. Settings

You can act as an admin of your CRM system, setting up your password and username, choosing CRM theme (Siberia or Compact) and defining its language. Currently, there are only 4 languages to choose from: English, Russian, Belarusian and Polish; but we plan to add more in future. Webix CRM provides a functionality to enable notifications about overdue activities.

crm settings

1.2. Shared space

Shared space allows sharing activities and records with other team members for collaborative customer management.
The default free plan allows creating up to 5 work spaces and inviting up to 5 users for each space. The minimum storage is 5 MB of disk space that is more than enough to cover basic needs. The storage that can be extended upon request.

crm shared space

1.3. Data

In the data section you can add, delete and modify the default activity types and statuses to suit your business needs. You can also select a proper icon for each activity type from the drop-down lists.

crm data

2. Contacts: Adding Contacts, Adding Activities, Mass Action

With Webix CRM you can have all contacts and activities at hand and stored in one place.
In the Contacts section you can view your list of contacts and search them easily with a search field or fill in the necessary form fields to filter contacts by certain values. Here you can simply add new contacts or edit the existing ones, modify your contact’s data, attach files, add notes and schedule as many activities (phone calls, emails, meetings, etc.) as you need.

crm contacts list

2.1. Adding Contacts

You can easily add a new contact by filling in a form with personal information (First and Last Name, email, phone, skype, birthday, company, job, country, etc.) or assign a status to your contact (active, in progress, not active).
Each contact can be tagged in accordance with his role in your business (for example, seller, buyer, supplier, etc.). That helps fast filtration by contact type.

Besides, you can create additional tags for your marketing campaigns to segment your contacts by target groups.

crm adding contacts

We’ve also enabled bulk contact import from Excel tables. If you have a list of contacts in XLS file stored on your PC and you’d like to import them to your CRM system, click ‘Import contacts from XLS’ (blue right upper corner button in the ‘Add Contact’ form on the picture above) and copypaste data from your file directly to the form.

crm bulk contact import

When you are done, click “Start import process”. Webix CRM will divide the provided data in multiple columns, which you can name correspondingly. At this stage, you can assign a status to all added contacts and schedule an activity with all of them, when necessary.

 crm mass contact import

2.2. Adding Activities

Or, you can schedule an activity (email, meeting, phone call, etc.) with each contact separately, using this form:


All activities are automatically added to your activities list.

2.3. Mass Action

At the same time, you can export your contacts to Excel spreadsheets and manage contact tags, when needed.

crm mass action

If you click on ‘Export’, you’ll have all your contacts displayed in a table, ready for export. If you need to export only certain contact’s data, you can manage column visability, either displaying or hiding contact’s information:

crm contacts export

3. Activities

Webix CRM allows creating and handling all activities in the same area and displaying them in serveral views: completed, current, tomorrow, this week, all. Having such a list at hand, you won’t miss a deadline or an important task.

crm activities list

Every activity on your lists can be edited and rescheduled with a different contact. You can easily close an activity just upon a click on the blank square to the left of an activity icon.

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