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Meet KickerPlay: Online Kicker Manager App

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It is a common practice nowadays to have a table football, or a kicker, in the office to relax a bit from the long working hours. Many companies encourage their employees to ease up a little and have fun together, which promotes team building and makes the staff happier and more productive.

If you have a kicker, the next step is to optimize your break time and avoid queueing at the kicker table waiting for your turn. XB Software offers an excellent solution for this problem. Meet KickerPlay – online manager of kicker games!

online kickermanager

Why You Need KickerPlay?

With KickerPlay you can get a personal account and create or join a kicker tournament. Besides, you can send invitations to your collegues via email and play the game together in teams.

KickerPlay online manager allows tracking games online, recording all players’ stats and rankings.

It takes no effort to select players, split teams into groups, set up playoffs and time of each game, as well as have real-time score updates.

All these contributes to saving your time on building teams or scoring goals, allowing you and your collegues more time to enjoy the game.

Who Can Use It?

Anyone who plays table football (or kicker) and would like to arrange tournaments and play in teams with collegues in the office or with your friends in bar, at home, or wherever you want.

Tournament Requirements

If you’d like to create a tournament, you have to invite at least 6 friends or collegues. They will be splitted into teams and groups.

Online Kicker Manager Benefits

  • Fast registration to get your personal kicker account
  • Joining or creating a tournament upon a click
  • Inviting your friends or collegues to join the game
  • Holding your permanent teams, adding team names and pictures.
  • Intuitive and simplified game and players management
  • Live scores to keep track of your game
  • Easy time tracking
  • Game and players’ stats to keep score of all games and rankings
  • Multi-device support (PCs, tablets and smartphones)
  • Cross-browser compatibility

The Applied Technologies and Frameworks

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Backbone

KickerPlay Description

1. Preliminary Actions to Start a Game

You can register a free kicker account using your email or Facebook or Google+ profile in several clicks. When you are logged in, you’ll see your profile page. Here you can choose your name, change email (when necessary) and select your player position (defender or forward). Profile page also displays your overall stats for all played games, scored goals and own goals as well as your permanent teams.

kickerplay profile

Afterwards, in  order to start a new game, you need to create a new room or join the existing one. It is accomplished with only a couple of clicks or taps. Your newly created room will be displayed in the ‘My rooms’ section.

kickerplay new room

When a new room is created, you’ll be offered to send invitations to your friends to play together. You’ll have to invite at least 6 people to start a tournament.

The next screen displays all players invited to the room and the list of all games (started, not started and finished) within a tournament. You can start a new game in the room any time or join the existing one, listed in the ‘Not Started’ tab. You can create as many games in your room as you like.

kickerplay finish

For competed games, you can view the winner of each championship by clicking on any of the games in the tab ‘Finished’.

kickerplay finish

2. How to Manage Your Game

When all players are invited, you can build permanent and temporary teams, set playoffs and the time of match. KickerPlay will split the teams into groups itself, you can just set up the number of groups.

kickerplay start tournament

Keeping track of the game is as easy as never. You can simply monitor and adjust the time of each game as well as assign goals and own goals to players upon a click or tap.

kickerplay goals

3. Get Match Info and Tournament Standings

After the game is played, you can view match info that shows how many goals or own goals have been scored by each player in the team.

kickerplay match info

All competing teams are displayed in automatically generated standings. After all games are played, you will see which teams get to the playoff.

kickerplay standings

4. Record Your Players’ and Teams’ Stats

You can keep score of all tournaments and see each player’s stats that provides the number of played games, wins, scored goals and own goals. The teams’ stats displays the same stats as for the players, supplemened by the number of wins in the championships.

kickerplay statistics

They say, if your employees aren’t having fun, they are probably not performing at their highest level. So, ease up, put a kicker table in your break room and get your free KickerPlay account to manage the game.

We are continuously working over KickerPlay improvement and would be glad to get your useful recommendations regarding its functionality and structure.

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