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When the time comes to start hard work on a project, companies have to be sure that things will happen the way they supposed to: a team will perform at a high efficiency, all deadlines will be meet, and all tasks will be completed correctly. Sounds as sweet as a daydream. How does it work in reality? Inside out!

Nevertheless, there is a decision. Gantt charts are an easy way of organizing great amount of tasks and scheduling projects. Nowadays they became a beloved habit of highly effective and enthusiastic teams that brings greater results and lets companies save their valuable time and avoid any multitask confusions that may appear.

Gantt Charts

A Gantt Chart That Meets Your Needs

Gantt Chart – GanttPRO is easy-to-use online software that helps companies plan, organize and manage tasks for different kinds of projects. Developing this application we’ve focused on all the crucial elements of classic Gantt charts adding features you always wanted to see (drag-and-drop, easy sharing, export possibilities, etc.).

Who’ll Find GanttPRO Advantageous?

  • Project Managers / Software Development Companies
  • StartUps
  • Event Agencies
  • Creative / Design Agencies
  • Construction Companies
  • Education services / Universities
  • Any business that strives to plan and communicate better on projects. Well, there are no borders!

What about benefits?

  • Easy-to-use priority-based scheduling of tasks and activities.
  • Participants assignment: it is fast to assign tasks to project team members and manage resources
  • Limited or unlimited rights: giving team members and clients the right to edit / to view charts will help to avoid any accidental changes.
  • Progress baseline: decision-makers will always be fully informed of projects’ today’s status.
  • Projects time tracking: managers can track activities by various time periods (weeks/days/hours).
  • Drag and drop: participants can easily prioritize tasks or even shift to other projects in one move.
  • Filter and search: it is easy to find tasks that are needed by advanced criteria and search project items by name.
  • Sharing: it’s fast to share graphics using links or sending them via e-mail.
  • Export: PDF, Image, Excel or iCal. Could it be more convenient to include graphs in a presentation or report?

The Applied Technologies and Frameworks

The System Components

1. Creating the First Project

Any user who wants to try GanttPRO app and check how it works can register for free using email or Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ profile in several clicks. Once the user is logged in, GanttPRO will offer to create the first project and choose a gantt chart template to work with. On this page users are encouraged to make all necessary project improvements: Add new tasks, Add and assign team members, Set start/end time and duration of the tasks, and Set dependencies.

GanttPRO Templates


1.1 Adding New Tasks

To create a new task click on “Add a new task” on the bottom left of the page; this action will create a new item that won’t have any relations with existing ones. Though almost every project has a long chain of tasks, each of which has a particular number of steps that sometimes are really hard to control. The easiest way to avoid confusion is to use subtasking: click on “+” sign to create a new sub-task.

While project scheduling and organizing parent and sub tasks, you can always change their descriptions, types, assignees, and deadlines for them.

Gantt chart scheduling software


1.2 Adding Team Members

Your team, its motivation and enthusiasm, is a key to the high efficiency of your company. An aim of GanttPRO is to make the process of organizing team members as easy and clear as possible. Click on “People” on the bottom left of the page to add your collaborates to the project. You can assign tasks as soon as your team members will be added.

GanttPRO scheduling software for smart project management


1.3 Start/End Time and Duration of The Tasks

There are several ways to set and change start/end time and duration of the tasks: to set it while creating a new one, or you can simply drag-and-drop and resize task bars to make any duration changes.

1.4 Setting Dependencies and Percentage of Completion

Almost every task that you create has strong connections with others. Use intuitive drag-and-drop interface to manage dependencies, and set the percentage of completion right on the chart. The view of these elements can be adjusted based on your needs.

Online Gantt chart software for project management


2. Settings and Zooming Features

You can work as an admin, setting up name of your project, choosing Gantt chart theme (Terrace, Skyblue, Meadow or Broadway) and viewing option. To be fully informed of projects’ status and progress you can use zooming feature: track activities and items by various time periods (weeks, days or hours) and change duration step.

Gantt chart software GanttPRO for planning and controling


3. Filtering in GanttPRO Gantt Charts

Use the button “Filter” on the bottom right to find items you need easily by filtering tasks by advanced criteria and searching project elements by name.

GanttPRO based on a basic Gantt chart template


4. Sharing and Exporting

After graphs are created, you can share them with your clients and colleagues using links or send them via e-mail. Give the right to edit / to view your charts to avoid any accidental changes that can appear.

GanttPRO is a collaboration business scheduling


Gantt charts are always the most demonstrative part of every presentation or report that concern company’s efficiency and achievements. Easily export your graphs to PDF, Image, Excel or iCal to include them in your multimedia documents.

Gantt charts GanttPro with team members


Leave your task management to GanttPRO, there are loads of other things you can focus on!

Note! GanttPRO system is still under development and will introduce more useful features very soon.

Your opinion is highly important for us! Let us know what you would like to see in future versions of GanttPRO via feedback form. Thank you!

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