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The Price of Popularity. Strong and Weak Sides of ReactJS and React Native

Pros and cons react js and react native

According to the yearly survey made by StackOverflow, ReactJS takes third place among the most popular JavaScript libraries and development tools. Also, React is the JavaScript framework that developers most want to work with if they do not already. Such recognition among professionals makes this technology a pretty decent choice for building web apps. Source: …

A Real Story How We Made a Cost-Effective Project Management Solution with React

an Effective Project Management Solution Based on React small

Nowadays, the absence of frameworks, libraries, and other development tools is not a thing to worry about. Simultaneously with the evolution of web applications and the growth of their complexity, developers are creating and improving a wide variety of techniques allowing them to reach new technological levels. As a result, the main task for modern …

React.js for Building Powerful Dashboards. Sharing Experience

React JS for dasboards small

Data visualization tools and dashboards, in particular, have become an integral part of any enterprise management process. Every company department is chasing specific goals which require analyzing a large amount of external and internal information. Marketing specialists, sales managers, or financial analysts pursue different goals but have one thing in common: the need to work …

React and Webix: Combining the Two Technologies

react webix development

In this article, we’ll talk about two technologies designed to perform the same work: creating user interfaces. Our area of interest for today are the React and javascript frameworks by Webix. We’ll briefly describe their features that may become the reason for choosing one of them. We’ll also tell you about the use case that shows …

React Native: Write Once, Run Anywhere?

react native development

Bootstrap, PhoneGap, React Native, and dozens of other frameworks and libraries were created to keep both developer and customer happy. Can they bring the “Write once, run everywhere” paradigm into reality? Let’s see.