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React and Webix: Combining the Two Technologies

react webix development

In this article, we’ll talk about two technologies designed to perform the same work: creating user interfaces. Our area of interest for today are the React and javascript frameworks by Webix. We’ll briefly describe their features that may become the reason for choosing one of them. We’ll also tell you about the use case that shows …

React Native: Write Once, Run Anywhere?

react native development

Bootstrap, PhoneGap, React Native, and dozens of other frameworks and libraries were created to keep both developer and customer happy. Can they bring the “Write once, run everywhere” paradigm into reality? Let’s see.

React Mobile Development. The Golden Mean

react mobile app

This article describes the most effective mobile apps development techniques (and react mobile development, in particular) to help you balancing between the available opportunities. Following the intention to reach the target audience better, most companies perforce follow the cutting-edge trends. Nowadays, there’s no wonder that even a coffee house or a laundry has its own website. …

Isomorphic React and SEO: The Benefits of a Single Page App on React JS

react single page application

This article сovers the main questions: Why the development of isomorphic applications is getting more and more popular? What is the advantage of a single page application on React JS as compared to other SPA types? How does isomorphic React help create SEO-friendly SPAs? And why do many developers and businesses prefer react js development?

Is There Life on React Planet?

life on react

The more ways of using ReactJS is available, the more issues you can solve with it. In this article, we’ll take a look at some React based libraries to find out if there’s a life around React and what you should remember when using third-party libraries in React projects. When a new development technology gets your …