Are you still looking for a proper place to outsource your projects? Have heard that outsourcing to software development companies in Eastern Europe is a good idea but still in a quandary?
We are going to dispel your doubts and show how you can benefit from outsourcing your projects to Belarusian IT companies. Besides, we have supplemented the article with a useful infographic demonstrating the situation with IT outsourcing in Belarus.

1. Outsourcing Company Location

Belarus is located in UTC +3 Time Zone, so if you are situated in the European Union or the United States, the working hours will basically overlap, which increases the efficiency of cooperation and prompts project delivery. Besides, it will take you about 2-3 hours to get to Belarus by plane from any EU state and foreign nationals may visit any place in Belarus within 30 days of their visa-free stay.

2. Cultural Compatibility

The Belarusian IT community shares and promotes the same business values and has the same workflow model in mind as in the West-European or American culture. Besides, the Belarusian developers are truly innovative, motivated, open for cooperation, and result-focused.

3. Educational Background

Belarusian developers are highly educated people with excellent knowledge of maths and physics, which allows them to come up with efficient programming algorithms.
Currently, there over 40,000 IT specialists who graduated from Belarussian universities and other educational establishments. This figure grows by 2,5-4 thousand more graduates annually.
There’s also a great number of professional IT-courses arranged by the leaders of the Belarusian IT industry, who pay great attention to bringing up business analysts, IT managers, QA engineers, internet marketing specialists, and more.
Belarusian IT specialists are employed by over 1000 IT local companies or work as freelancers. The brain-drain among the developers is relatively low nowadays because IT specialists in Belarus are well-paid and the taxes are lower than in the EU or USA.

4. Fluent English

Nowadays, fluent English is a must for Belarusian IT managers, business analysts, and other IT specialists. In general, all employees of IT companies that focus on outsourcing software development services have a sufficient level of English for proper communication. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid that your requirements will be misunderstood.

5. Decent Price

Belarus is one of the most affordable outsourcing destinations where the software development industry proliferates. Developer rates are lower than in the EU or USA, and the quality is the same, if not better. The cost of web development ranges between $25-49.

6. Confidentiality

Many companies who seek to outsource work to other IT companies want to keep this information confidential and Belarusian companies willingly do the outsourced job under an NDA agreement, respecting intellectual property laws.

7. Government Support

At the moment, 969 Belarusian IT companies, including XB Software, are the residents of the High-Tech Park that creates favorable business conditions, such as exemption from taxes (including VAT taxes) and customs duties. That can be beneficial for foreign investors and can also allow more room for lowering the price by an outsourcing company for its customers. So, in this case, Belarus stands out among other countries of Eastern Europe where IT companies pay the same salaries to their specialists but do not enjoy such tax relieves.

BONUS: How IT Outsourcing To Belarus Can Save Your Money

The UK’s leading B2B magazine for the outsourcing sector has recently published an article written by Vitaly Hornik, the head of the outsourcing department of XB Software. It describes how UK (and actually not only UK) businesses can benefit from outsourcing the development of their projects to Belarus IT companies. He names lower rates, high qualification, government fiscal relief, the maturity of high technologies, security, real-time work, face to face meetings, cultural affinity, fluent English as the most important factors that should be considered while selecting a Belarusian company as an outsourcing business partner.

To supplement the information provided in the article, we created an infographic that summarizes the most interesting facts about the Belarus IT outsourcing:

it outsourcing to belarus from uk

Hopefully, this article and the infographic explained why it’s a good idea to outsource to Belarus. Other criteria that you should take into consideration while choosing an outsourcing web development company are listed here.