We are awaiting for you to join us on the summer 4front meetup #8 that will be held on August, 6 at 19.00 in the Imaguru business club (Minsk, Fabritsiusa Str.,4, next to Nemiga metro station). The meeting will certainly be fascinating for everyone interested in the latest IT developments. We invited web technology gurus, JavaScript evangelists and, in general, outstanding personalities. We are sure you’ll find it interesting to meet them.

4front meetup frontend

At the 4front meetup#8 you’ll learn about hybrid programming and IonicFramework. You will also find out why it’s better to move to HTTPS. Besides, you’ll be explained what cryptography is. One of the speakers will tell you how to write a crossbrowser extension for Chrome and Firefox smile emoticon.

Event Agenda:

1. Chryptography in Layman’s Terms

Sergey Kunitsky (XB Software web developer)

  • Symmetric encryption
  • Assymetric encryption
  • Hybrid encryption
  • Homomorphic encryption
  • Hashing
  • EDS and digital devices
  • Practical application

2. Move to HTTPS

Vladimir Kuznetsov (web developer from Tschelyabinsk, Russia)

  • How browser informs about secure connection and its parameters
  • Outdated certificate or wrong certificate
  • Weak encryption algorithms and signatures
  • How to get certificate
  • Checklist to set up TLS on the server
  • Server settings audit
  • The advantages of HTTPS use for user, business owner and developer
  • Use of TLS gives access to SPDY и HTTP/2 protocols

3. Orange Is The New – Several Stories About Browser Extenstions Development

Boris Mosunov (freelancer and full-stack developer from Minsk)

  • A story of refactoring of a popular browser extension with 800 000 subscribers
  • Main architectural differences of  Chrome Extension and Firefox Addon. What you should avoid in case of crossbrowser support. How cross browser support should be implemented and why.
  • Specifics of building augmented reality for Single page application using browser extension. What should you choose –  setInterval or MutationObserver?
  • Users and Permissions. “Download” button in music downloading app

4.Hybrid Programming + IonicFramework

Sergey Fedorenko (web developer from Minsk)

  • Hybrid or cross platform?
  • Phonegap/Cordova
  • Access to all possible devices
  • Performance
  • What other platforms can be used?
  • Сrosswalk and Сefsharp – “web view to the masses”
  • Debugging is not difficult
  • “Stiff batch” of native card, background services, etc.
  • WebBrowser is the same platform as IOS/Android/WinPhone

This meeting will give you a possibility to learn a lot of new things, talk to your collegues in an informal setting and have a wonderful time.

The entrance is free, as always. The number of sits is limited that why you should register for the event or write to event managers on facebook. You are always welcome to speak out at 4front events, just let us know and will take care of your staying here in Minsk. Come and have a wonderful time!