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Take Your Customer Service to The Next Level With XB Chat

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The task of building stable customer relationships requires time, effort, and use of proper tools. Since habits, average age, and preferences of clientele depend on specifics of a particular company, there is no recipe for a communication strategy that will fit everyone. It depends on a particular situation, which communication channel (e.g., social media, e-mail, phone calls) can guarantee the better outcome. Some organizations prefer to make a step further and rely on AI chatbots that don’t even require direct human participation.


With this info in mind and taking into consideration the success of modern AI in maintaining a human-like conversation, you may think that distancing from customer communications in favor of automated chatting systems can be a good idea. However, the truth is that it’s not enough for a customer to get a piece of required information. There’s another component that defines a good approach to customer relationships — a more human touch. In this article, we’ll consider an online audio/video chatting module that can be integrated with the existing software to improve customer service of your company.

Introducing the XB Chat

XB Chat is a WebRTC live video chat solution that provides both sales agents and customers with functionality requiring to increase communication efficiency. This chat allows holding text, audio, and video conversations. A manager can initialize a new chatting session and name a created chat room so it’ll reflect its purpose. A customer can be invited to the chatting room via the invitation link. Audio/video chat can contain up to five users.

The Benefits of Using the XB Chat

Live video/audio chats allow increasing the customer support quality on all stages of cooperation. Direct communication between company representatives and clients helps to realize the importance of each client which leads to increased customer loyalty and satisfaction. There’s no need for in-depth revision of the software solution that is already in use. A development company can provide an audio/video chatting app that can be integrated with the existing software. Such approach can help to decrease costs and avoid undesirable downtime.

According to the data gathered by Gartner, SalesForce, Econsultancy, and other companies during recent years, live chat support has become an integral part of reliable customer service strategy:

Live_chat_implementing                 Source: ProvideSupport

For a better understanding of how a live video chatting app can help in your particular case, let’s consider some distinctive features of XB Chat.

Secure Streamlined Communication With Minimum Effort

All of us have seen those pop-up windows in the bottom right of the browser offering us to take a chat in case there are some questions. Text-chatting with a consultant is completely fine if you have a small question that doesn’t require significant explanations. However, in case you, as a potential customer, want to clarify an important subject, a face-to-face conversation may become a preferable option. Dealing with a text chat, both sales manager and customer have to spend time on typing. Besides wasting time, such kind of conversation can become an unpleasant experience for people with disabilities who have problems using their keyboard.

WebRTC-based XB Chat doesn’t require much effort to use. The minimalist UI is intuitive and allows instantly finding the right button. A sales manager can create a new chat room with a given name using a couple of clicks:


All that a customer has to do is to give its browser rights to use a microphone and camera via the popup window. After that, he’ll get the possibility to participate in a live conversation. WebRTC applications use the Secure RTP protocol (SRTP) enabled by default. This feature allows guaranteeing that all your audio and video conversations are well protected. Therefore, your clients can be assured that their communication can’t be eavesdropped or recorded.

Implementing Proactive Customer Support Approach

When we mention “traditional” types of customer communication such as phone calls, we’re talking about so-called reactive support. It means that in this case a conversation is initiated by a user. Implementing an online live video chat, you’ll get access to the proactive communication channel.

There’s a typical situation when a customer visits your website, can’t decide if your goods or services fit his needs, and leaves without purchasing anything. Live chats provide your staff with the possibility of making a direct impact on customer’s decision. Using a CRM system, you can analyze data and history on your customers. Combining this info with a unified view of engagement based on incoming calls, e-mails, and social media activity, you’ll get the possibility to target promising customers with video chat at best possible time.

For example, when a potential customer is interested in a particular service, most likely, he’ll use your online knowledge base to find detailed info. After a few search attempts, you can offer such user a link to an online video chat with a consultant. A live conversation will allow answering some questions and create stronger relationships with a customer.

XB Chat provides an easy-to-use chat sharing feature. You can create a new chat and give it a proper name that will describe its purpose and share a link with another person.

Improve the Quality of Customer Support by Reviewing Chat Recordings

Another key feature of our online video chat is a built-in stream recording functionality. The ability to record and review conversations between a customer and representative of the company can be helpful for both involved parties.

When there’s a need for consultation on some complex subject, an unprepared customer might not catch everything on the fly. The amount of freshly received information might not allow making a decision instantly. In such case, it might be useful to look at the same info with a fresh eye.

A company can request permission to record conversations with its clients to be used to improve the customer support efficiency. You can create a database containing recorded conversations between your sales managers and customers. Having the possibility to analyze such data, you’ll be able to develop new insights for further improvements. Customer’s tone and reactions indicate how your clients feel in certain circumstances. The analysis of gathered info will help you to understand what gone right and what was bad in a particular situation and make improvements if needed.  

XB Chat provides an intuitive stream recording feature that allows you to download and share a video file as an archive to your PC.

Efficient Advice on Software Products

If you sell software, you realize that it’s hard to predict all the possible ways of how your customers will use the products that you offer. Therefore, sometimes it’s not enough to have a bunch of manuals to avoid every possible issue. Customer satisfaction directly depends on how fast you can respond and provide a solution to your client’s issue.

Screen sharing feature allows reducing misunderstanding while describing how a particular part of your application works. An agent can demonstrate all the possibilities of the app and, what’s more important, a client can suggest a usage scenario important for his particular case. The ability to communicate via the live chat will help to cooperate more efficiently and discuss all possible topics on the short period.

XB Chat has built-in screen sharing functionality that allows showing the window of a particular application to all chat participants. All you have to do is to click the Screen share icon and then select a particular application running on your PC.

To learn more and view the core features of XB Chat solution we’ve prepared a video. Let’s view our 2-3 minute live demo video and get a closer look at how our video chat app solution can enhance your business communications and loyalty of your clients.


Live video chats have a significant impact on customer satisfaction. Having a conversation with a real person who’s trying to answer all your questions and provide you with the relevant info on goods and services, it’s harder for a customer to walk away with a wrong impression. Also, customers usually want to be a part of the brands that they buy. Relationship building based on person-to-person communication is an integral part of a successful strategy of reaching customer loyalty.

Besides allowing users to see and hear each other, modern video chatting software can provide some additional functionality. It’s important to free your customers from extra effort required to participate in a video chat. Using an embedded audio/video chatting solution, you can avoid unnecessary inconveniences on the customer side. Screen sharing and stream recording features can significantly improve the collaboration between sales managers and customers, and increase the customer service efficiency in a long run.


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