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Webix Improvements Never Stop

webix 1.7 xbs

XB Software web development company has recently released  Webix 1.7. It presented a new default flat skin, brought some improvements in the support for touch devices and many other novelties.

The Staff and Resource Management System You Need

staff and employee management system

Any company faces human resource challenges and would like to have an effective tool to meet its managerial requirements and improve company overall performance. XB Software has created a user-friendly staff and resource management system cut specificly for IT companies. However, thanks to its high customization capabilities it can be adapted to meet the needs …

File System and JavaScript. Processing Files in Browser

file system

There are plenty of tasks connected with creating, parsing, editing, saving and removing files. Most of them are performed on the server side. First of all, we do that because Java, C# or whatever language we use on the backend can easily handle all these tasks. However, a huge problem persists: there’s only one server …

From Web to Android In Two Steps

android html5

Nowadays we live in the age of mobile devices. One day we can come up with an idea to build a super-mega mobile app and add it to the store. However, we can face a small problem: we are just web developers. We don’t know either Java or Objective-C and we have no time to …