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Stop Being Afraid Of Promises And Be Awesome Instead


Every day we struggle with the asynchronous world of JavaScript. That was a real war two years ago. All these animations, requests to the servers with “clever” API forcing us to make requests for each entity in their database, as well as usual timeouts made us write lots of callbacks. Let’s see a short example …

Build Rich Web Apps with Webix JavaScript UI Library

webix javascript ui library

We have recently launched a comprehensive and blazingly fast JavaScript and HTML5 UI components library called Webix. It is a perfect tool for developing interactive web apps that can work in popular frameworks. The library presents over 45 feature-rich components, provides integration with jQuery, AngularJS and Backbone.js, and runs flawlessly on most modern mobile devices. 

XB Software Hacked For Good At Hackathon in Minsk


XB Software developers participated in the global hackathon dedicated to social projects development. The hackathon was held in 20 cities around the globe including Minsk, on October, 4-6 2013. The event gathered talented computer geeks who took the challenge and transformed their brilliant ideas into real projects within just 48 hours.