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GanttPRO Introduced New Features and Got Updated Look

GanttPRO - Duration

The GanttPRO team announces the release of the new version of GanttPRO. In this update: new features, advanced duration setting opportunities, automatic scheduling. Thanks to the numerous feedback letters, performance and stability have been improved and known bugs have been fixed.

XB Software To Offer Free Trial Testing of App or Site

free trial testing

We’d like to inform that XB Software now offers free trial testing of sites and apps for its new clients. The dedicated team of experienced QA engineers will do the testing of a vCard site, an online shop, a web service, a mobile or a desktop app free of cost and within a reasonable time …

What The Hack 2.0: PaperChat, Wi-Fi Catcher and other hacks

wth2.0 winners

What The Hack 2.0, the 44-hour hackathon, took place on 27-29 March, 2015 in Minsk, Belarus. The main goal for the hackathon members was to create something that would amaze everyone. And, according to organizers’ (XB Software and Imaguru) words, unlike other hackathons, this one was primarily created for developers to gather together, share knowledge and ideas, …