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4Front Meetup #4 For Web Developers

4front meetup for web developer #4

XB Software invites you to the next 4front meetup that will be held in the Imaguru business club (Fabritsiusa, 4 Minsk) on November, 21 2014 at 19.00 local time. 4Front meetup is an educational event arranged by web-developers for web-developers.

Amazing Evolution Of Webix Library

webix docs

Webix has been recently updated to the version 2.0. It is a great release that includes lots of new features, improved performance and bug fixes. Let’s learn more about these changes.

What The Hack: True Hackathon For True Geeks

what the hack hackathon

XB Software web development company is glad to welcome you to a 44-hour “What The Hack” hackathon for developers. The event will be held on October, 17-19 2014 in Minsk, Belarus within the Europe Code Week, and the registration is already open. So, what the hack?

4Front Meetup For Web Developers and Designers

4front meetup xbsoftware

XB Software organized 4front meetup for web-developers and web-designers. The meetup was held on May, 21 in the Imaguru business club in Minsk. There were 4 speakers (all of them from XB Software company) who told about the latest tendencies in front-end development, shared their knowledge and experience, and brilliantly answered tricky questions.

XBtrack – Simple Task and Bug Tracking System

issue tracking system

We have recently introduced XBtrack – a simple-to-use web-based task and bug tracker for IT companies and other enterprises for easy tracking of reported bugs and work assigned to company staff. It is a SaaS solution created to simplify workflow management in a company. It fosters positive interaction between teammates, especially between managers, developers and …