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Webix Improvements Never Stop

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XB Software web development company has recently released  Webix 1.7. It presented a new default flat skin, brought some improvements in the support for touch devices and many other novelties.

webix 1.7 xbs

The new skin is featured by:

  • bright colors (green, blue, white)
  • flat elements
  • support for mobile and desktop devices

You can check the way it looks by following this link.

The users can use either a standard or a compact version of our flat skin. The compact skin is more appropriate for UIs with large amounts of data.

The colors of the default skin can be changed with the help of the free online Webix tool – Skin Builder. This tool also contains old skins that won’t be included in the Webix 1.7 package but can still be used in your projects.

You will find a more detailed info about the version 1.7 in the Webix documentation.

The previous release 1.6 has brought the full support for Windows 8 touch devices and the improvements in Webix integration with REST API.

webix 1.6 xbs

Moreover, Webix 1.6 has added the support for drag-and-drop operations on all kinds of touch devices and improved API for complex forms.

Webix 1.5 that was released on February 13th enabled web developers to build applications ideally optimized for iOS and Android devices. In addition to the upgrade of the mobile web apps functionality we’ve also released a new touch skin and enhanced UI widgets.

The new touch skin has a popular flat design. Furthermore, the UI components were specially adjusted for mobile devices, e.g. the appearance of Slider and Tabbar was changed.

webix 1.5 xbs

In general, it can be said that Webix keeps pace with the latest trends in web technology. Our team is constantly enhancing the performance and look of the library components on mobile devices as well as improving their server-side integration.

Track the positive changes of the Webix library by reading Webix blog.

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