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Webix UI is Always Ahead

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Webix is being constantly improved to make your users’ experience better as well as to comply with the latest changes in the field of web technologies. Thus, it has been recently updated to the version 2.5 which has brought such awesome features as Microsoft edge support, major Kanban and Pivot updates as well as small UI enhancements and bug fixes.

The previous versions include the following changes:

  • Version 2.1: strict mode, improved compatibility with Bootstrap and jQuery;
  • Version 2.2: data binding feature for DataTable and TreeTable, new buttons in Calendar;
  • Version 2.3: Material skin, new Organogram, BarCode widgets, TypeScript support;
  • Version 2.4: Portlet and Range Slider components as well as MultiCombo control.

Now let’s check the details of Webix 2.5 release. First of all, this new library version is Microsoft Edge ready. MS Edge is a new default browser for upcoming Windows 10. Webix Team understands the importance of this support for your web apps, that’s why they’ve made all the library widgets MS Edge compatible.

Microsoft Edge support

The second part of update includes useful alterations in Pivot Table and Chart widgets.

Now Pivot Table has a total sum functionality that can be applied both to columns and rows. Here is how it looks:

Total Sum in Webix Pivot Table

In addition to this, Pivot components got a new popup configuration that is more user-friendly and beautiful. Examine these updates by means of screenshots and demos:

Thirdly, Webix 2.5 has added swimlanes to the Kanban widget. Swimlanes are horizontal rows that can be applied to a kanban board to flawlessly visualize work items by category or sub-process.

webix kanban swimlanes

The other updates are an opportunity to disable time periods in Calendar component and the ability to populate Form, Toolbar and Property sheet with complex data. Read more technical description of Webix 2.5 in the docs.

Let’s take a moment to read the most fascinating details of the previous Webix releases.

So, version 2.1 comprises improved compatibility with Bootstrap, an intuitive and powerful mobile front-end framework, as well as an opportunity to initialize via jQuery the components developed on the basis of Webix widgets.

Bootstrap Webix

Furthermore, this update’s enabled specifying complex custom functions within formulas in data management widgets (DataTable and TreeTable). One more great feature in v. 2.1 is a strict mode that allows your apps to run smoothly in Chrome plugins (Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, etc.).

Webix 2.2 was full of new cutting edge features and key upgrades. They are “Clear” and “Today” buttons in Calendar widget and an ability to bind any data component to DataTable and TreeTable components. In addition to this, Webix developers have added a functionality that makes it possible to upload many files of one type at once.

The spring Webix release 2.3  has also brought a wide range of new components and fresh features. The recently added library widgets are Organogram and Barcode, both data visualization controls.  The first one is for showing a complex structure in the form of hierarchical diagrams, the second component is for generating barcodes to be embedded into your web apps.
Webix Barcode

We can’t fail to mention our stylish Material skin, which is implemented in accordance with the requirements of Material design. Despite this skin isn’t included into a library package, you can take it from a definite repository at github.com.

Material skin

The last pleasant Webix 2.3 news, which is especially important for typescript fans, is that you can use the official type definition file: http://webix.com/files/blog/webix.d.ts.

Webix 2.4 includes a new Portlet widget as well as MultiCombo and Range Slider form controls.

Portlet is a draggable component that allows embedding other widgets inside it and enables you to build a flexible page layout. Now you can change the app’s structure without writing extra code that is a dream of many web developers.

Webix portlet

MultiCombo is really handy when you need to choose a few options from a suggest list while Range Slider makes it possible to select a specific range of values by means of two markers.

Range slider

Moreover, Webix Form has acquired Validation Messages during this release. This functionality is intended for informing users if they make a mistake when they fill a form.

All in all, Webix library has passed through many alterations that have made it even stabler and up-to-date. Keep following the library news by subscribing to Webix blog.

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