Webix Updates Overview: New UI Components, Skin Builder, etc.

Webix Updates Overview: New UI Components, Skin Builder, and More

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We have recently made several updates to the JavaScript UI library Webix. The recent releases have brought new data selection controls, an opportunity to use WebSockets and IndexedDB, bug fixes and several improvements of UI components . 

Advanced Data Selection Controls (Webix Grid-suggest and Data-suggest)

Webix 1.4 demonstrates enhanced ways of data selection that can be easily added to other Webix controls or HTML inputs.

The Data-suggest control allows using multimedia as select options. The selection options can be presented by images or other HTML objects. Moreover, rich media can be used instead of usual text in the select.

data suggest webix

The Webix Grid-suggest control has replaced plain select options with a data table. This multi-column selection option provides such data table features as editing, sorting, filtering and many others.

grid suggest webix

Data Loading and Saving Improvements


WebSocket is a web protocol that can implement real-time server communication into web apps. From now on, all Webix components may use this protocol for data saving and loading. It means that apps developed with Webix will be based on continuous client-server connection.


IndexedDB is a web browser standard interface for a local database that is supported by most modern browsers. Webix 1.4 allows using IndexedDB for data loading and data saving. It means that now web apps developed with Webix can work offline (the main feature of IndexedDB).

Other Improvements

Webix 1.4 improved window positioning by adding relative and absolute placement of windows. What is more, keyboard navigation for the list component, the onReady event and the zindexBase property were added.

The previous release delighted Webix users by 6 new skins (air, compact, clouds, glamour, light, metro, terrace and web), new UI elements, some component enhancements and the release of an online Skin Builder.

Thanks to the variety of skins,  you can easily customize the appearance of your web apps. By using the Skin Builder you can also check how the skins would look on real apps, change every skin element and share your newly skinned apps in social nets.

skin builder for webix

We also added a new UI element “HTML5 video” to make Webix web apps more multimedia rich.

Furthermore,  the Carousel was functionally and visually improved and JavaScript Charts widget was provided with a logarithmic scale.

carousel webix

We are constantly working to improve Webix in accordance with the latest trends in the world of web development. Stay tuned and check out the recent Webix updates now!

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