Welcome to 4Front Meetup #14. New Year's Edition - XB Software

Welcome to 4Front Meetup #14. New Year’s Edition

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Do not miss the New Year’s 14th meetup for frontend developers! We’ll wait for you in the IMAGURU business club (4 Fabritsius Str., Minsk) on December,21 at 19:00. As usually, engaging presentations have been prepared by the developers from XB Software and Boris Mosunov, full stack developer. We’ll talk about genetic algorithms, Rust, MathML and Angular JS2 vs VueJS.

4front meetup #14 new year's


What’s on the agenda:

1) AngularJS2 vs VueJS

Boris Mosunov – full stack developer

  • Components everywhere, comparison of implementations
  • Overview and comparison of HTML syntax
  • Quick start, who is faster?
  • How easy is it to learn?
  • DX – ease of development
  • performance comparison
  • Who’s ecosystem is better?
  • Who uses them?
  • Which framework is better? In which cases?

2) MathML. What is this? .. Why?

Daniel Tsyrkunov – frontend developer at KUKU.io

  • Why do we need formulas in the browser?
  • What can you build in MathML?
  • What can replace the MathML?
  • What’s going on with cross-browser compatibility?

3) Genetic algorithm

 Alexander Potashko – frontent developer at XB Software.

  • Darwin’s Evolution
  • Practical application in the web
  • God complex

4) Report 21+. What a front-end developer need to know about Rust

Vladimir Dashukevich – web developer at XB Software

  • What are race conditions and deadblocks?
  • How can you deal with them?
  • Why Mozilla Rust?
  • How Rust is better than C/C ++?
  • Why does a front-end programmer needs to know it?

To get to the meetup, please get registered. The registration process is now even more convenient than before:

– Register via Facebook-bot: http://lnk.al/3muf
– Register via Telegram-bot: http://lnk.al/3mug
– Register by means of the Google form: http://lnk.al/3muh

If you still can’t get to the meetup, it will be broadcasted live in our 4front group on Facebook .

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