XB Software web development company is glad to welcome you to a 44-hour “What The Hack” hackathon for developers. The event will be held on October, 17-19 2014 in Minsk, Belarus within the Europe Code Week, and the registration is already open. So, what the hack?

what the hack hackathon


This hackathon is arranged by developers for developers that’s why it is not obligatory to create a ready-to-use prototype of an idea that will save the world. Though you can if you want to =) The main goal of this hackathon is to get and share knowledge, meet new interesting people, and, of course, to code with pleasure and create a demo or a prototype that will impress the jury and the audience.

This hackathon offers a great possibility for developers of all ages and level of expertise to experiment with cutting-edge technologies. You can attend master classes from the leading hackers from Belarus and Western Europe and get a piece of advice from internatinal mentors. Here you have a shining opportunity to bring your idea to life within just 44 hours.

The outstanding developers will be nominated for special awards by the jury experts and will get prizes from the best Belarusian communities and organizations.

Here is the list of all nominations:

  • The best What the Hack 2014
  • The most spectacular hack
  • The most technological hack
  • The most tangled hack
  • The best female beauty-smart-hack
  • The most useless piece of code

The event will be held in the IMAGURU business-club (Fabritsiusa, 4 Minsk).

If you are a web developer, a mobile developer or any other developer eager to participate in the true hackathon and show the IT world who you really are, you are welcome to join up and have fun!

You can also join the What The Hack group on Facebook to stay tuned.