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XBtrack – Simple Task and Bug Tracking System

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We have recently introduced XBtrack – a simple-to-use web-based task and bug tracker for IT companies and other enterprises for easy tracking of reported bugs and work assigned to company staff.

It is a SaaS solution created to simplify workflow management in a company. It fosters positive interaction between teammates, especially between managers, developers and QA engineers.

XBtrack issue tracker is created on the basis of a JavaScript widgets library. The system currently supports Chrome, Firefox and Safari and is adapted for touch-screens (Android and iOS tablets).

We are constantly working to improve its usability and functionality.

issue tracking system

Who Can Use It

IT company staff including developers, designers, QA engineers, project managers, marketers, etc.
Any SME and large enterprises to assign work to employees and keep track of its implementation.

Issue Tracker Benefits

  • Fast-tracking and managing of all created issues (both active and past)
  • Automated email alerts on any bug and task updates
  • Intuitive UI with a user-friendly navigation
  • Easy time tracking to estimate development time and bug fixes
  • General workflow reports
  • Data export to Excel file
  • Remote data control from anywhere and from any device
  • Customizable access rights for different types of users
  • Adapted for touch-screens (iOS and Android tablets)
  • Supports Chrome, Firefox and Safari

The Applied Technologies and Frameworks

  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Scrum

The Task and Bug Tracker Description

Grid View

XBtrack issue tracker presents projects data in a tabular format thanks to the integrated datagrid.
All issues are listed in a multiple-row table that allows you to follow your team activity and better organize the workflows.

 gridview xbtrack

You can customize the grid view to display the following items:

Id – an issue identification number
Priority – project priority from urgent (1) to very low priority (6)
Project – name of a project
Status – issue status divided into three groups:

  • new, in discussion, discussed, pending, developing, qa-denied,
  • svn, qa-tested, reviewed, fixed, reopened, invalid
  • released, completed, closed

User – username in the issue tracker
Title – task/bug title
Deadline – task/bug deadline
Qa-Est – development time estimate by QA engineer
Dev-Est – development time estimate by a developer
Project version – project or product version (EN, DE; demo, original, etc.)
Created at – time of issue creation
Created by – user who created an issue
Last change – last update made to the issue
Issue found in – issue location (browser version, device, etc.)
Delete – delete the selected issue


We have also added filtration by the selected item (Priority, Project, Status, User, Project Version, Issue Found In). You can also choose to display All Data or select the data you want to display.
Filtration is enabled in the personal settings of the user profile (profile tab is disabled in the live demo).

 filter tasks-xbtrack

By clicking on the View tab in the menu you can select to view All tasks, Active tasks or Past tasks. You can also view All tasks, Active tasks or Past tasks for each selected project.

 view tasks xbtrack

Users and Projects

Our issue tracker functionality allows simple adding/editing/deleting XBtrack users and projects.  You can add users to a project by simple drag-and-drop. Open the Manage tab in the menu and select Projects or Users to view or amend projects/users lists.

drag and drop user

You can customize personal information and account credentials as well as define a group for each user.

We’ve also added an additional user to the User group. Additional user is entitled to change project status and priority in the assigned project, create a task and assign a task to another user from the same project team.

Note, editing users is disabled in the live demo.

Profile settings

Users can update their personal information and account credentials in the Profile tab. It is possible to opt into email alerts once any updates are made to the task and choose the type of notifications that you’d like to get (e.g. changes of task status, user, description, comment, priority, files attached, etc.). This feature simplifies workflow tracking greatly.
Note: Profile tab is disabled in the live demo.

user profile xbtrack

Details form

Task details form allows assigning work and reporting issues. It consists of two parts – Details and Comments&History.

The Details part includes drop-down lists to select a project, user, priority and status. You can also indicate where the issue was found in and the version of the project as well as development estimates. The form integrates a convenient date picker to set deadline.
You can also attach/delete files to each task and view the attached files using the View Gallery. Comments to the task are also added in this form.

 details form xbtrack

You can add a comment or attach a file by simple drag-and-drop or clicking to select a file on your computer for upload.

When you open Comments&History you can see all comments ever added to this task with all dates and status updates.

bug comments and history


To get an overview of projects (number of issues and their status changes) see Reports.
Currently, the diagrams give an insight into each project progress and flow.

reporting bugs

Other features include Refresh, Clean filter and Export to Excel.

Type of Users and User Rights

Admin has unlimited rights to all XBtrack functionality.
Developer can reassign issues, change issue status, copy issue titles, descriptions and comments. Developer can also do development estimates, add/delete comments and files.
Manager has unlimited rights to all XBtrack functionality.
QA engineer can reassign issues, change issue status, copy issue titles, descriptions and comments. QA engineer can also do QA estimates, add/delete comments and files.

Touch Support

At the present time the XBtrack system supports iOS and Android tablets. It provides a user-friendly navigation and easy-to-touch buttons.  On touch-screens a task is opened by swiping in from the right edge of the screen.

We are continuously working over XBtrack improvement and would be glad to get your useful recommendations regarding its functionality and structure. 

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