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Audio Application for Radio Listeners

A WebRTC application for smartphones that enables users to connect to the radio studio by simply clicking the button using a smartphone only. The mobile client application helps to connect listeners to broadcasters from anywhere in the world providing a high-level sound transmission.

Audio Application

Business Challenge

Every day we listen to a lot of useful information, interviews and professional reviews. Expert guests, like entertainers, political pundits, athletes, and other experts don’t always have access to special support or equipment to give an interview. They need something as simple to use and familiar as a phone call. But that doesn’t mean a radio program should suffer from phone quality audio. For this purpose, it was required to create a WebRTC app for stable and compatible working on mobile devices. The application should be easy enough for end-users without a technical background, and most importantly, the sound quality should remain at a constantly high level. Only a radio broadcaster would have to install special equipment to deal with its listeners via the mobile application.

The customer requested XB Software team to develop an easy-to-use WebRTC mobile app. The application should start by clicking on the link that will be sent via SMS and provide users the possibility of a direct call to a radio station. It should present the user an interface that is delivered by the browser. The WebRTC app should have controls for the user to connect, disconnect, mute, unmute, and have a microphone level meter.

Audio Application


XB Software team was required to create a robust WebRTC mobile app for radio listeners all over the world. The new application together with the special system should provide high-quality sound when someone calls or makes an interview for the on-air radio program, and allows listeners to deal with the radio station by smartphone easily.

XB Software developers decided to build a mobile client application using PhoneGap development, WebRTC technology, and Verto tools which allowed to create a cost-effective and promising solution. Our developers created the app using PhoneGap which supports iOS 9+ version and ensures the uptime of the guest connection.

The guest, who will make an interview, or a radio listener would get audio traffic from the special device. The system should be set up to deliver a link/token combination to provide future authorize a guest. The link/token should be copied and pasted into an email or SMS, then should be sent to the guest. The guest or listener could call directly to the studio by using this link.

If using a computer or an Android device with a WebRTC capable browser, the guests will click the link, then the browser will start, go the URL and open the web page it serves. For the iOS devices, the link will be in a form that will launch the application automatically and send the link to the URL.

The application needs to provide proper WebRTC signaling to the server, and to the end users. The mobile app developed with PhoneGap should provide iOS users UI/UX as for the PC’s or Android users.

The main features of WebRTC mobile app developed using PhoneGap should be:

  • Implementation of screens provided by customer (html, CSS, images)
  • Implementation of sound indicator
  • Implementation of action behavior
  • Implementation of an alert window

Applied Technologies

Audio Application

1 + month

Estimated man-hours

150 +


XB Software impressive teamwork resulted in the robust and useful WebRTC mobile app developed using PhoneGap. The app helps radio guests to make an interview with clear sound and seamless communication. We built this WebRTC app for mobile devices to get audio traffic from the special device of our client.


The US company, which is a manufacturer of pro-grade audio hardware. Our customer primarily serves the broadcast audio market. Their major customers are radio stations and networks.