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Develop Digital Document Management Systems with XB Software

Digital file management systems allow you to take your in-house document activities beyond the traditional methods of files sharing and archiving. XB Software team help you proceed from paper-based documents to an effective digital file management system.

We build comprehensive digital document management solutions that meet country-specific regulatory requirements (MiFID profile, FATCA, CRS, PEP, and more) and include eID identification as well as eSignature.

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Improve effectiveness by reducing the time needed to find or recreate data
Save time and ensure consistency by the immediate availability of changes in the documents across all company products
Remove the factor of human error in all document transactions
Track documents and files flow in one click by viewing their status
Protect your files or important documents from being lost or damaged
Access-to-information from anywhere and any time by using special content management systems (CMS)

We have great experience in creating smart and high-end document and content management solutions that allow you to convert your business data, files, and docs including emails, invoices, contracts and other into more easy-controlled assets. We enable companies to efficiently store all data in a single digital file management solution.