Cutting Edge Front End Development

Implementing Impressive Front Ends For Your Web Apps and Sites

XB Software is experienced in producing engaging front ends for different web apps and websites. It is our domain. We keep up with the latest code and design trends, which allows us to create amazing web applications for our clients.

We combine a savvy combination of technical and collaboration skills to integrate the back end code of your app and interpret designers’ vision into an impressive and workable web solution.

Advanced Software Development Advanced Software Development

Our expertise in front end development allows developing robust software front end using the most up to date technologies and frameworks (JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, WebSockets, etc).

Responsive Design Development Responsive Design Development

We focus on the development of responsive web designs thanks to the use of Twitter Bootstrap and Foundation. We build responsive websites that work on any size screen device, from smartphones to Smart TV.

Our Technical Skills

  • HTML5 - to write basic functional website code
  • CSS3 - to make websites look pretty
  • Less, Sass - css pre-compilers
  • Photoshop, Ilustrator - software to edit images
  • JavaScript - to add interactivity to web pages
  • Typescript - JavaScript pre-compiler
  • AngularJS, Backbone and Webix MVC - client-side MVC frameworks
  • WebSockets - for real time data update
  • Gulp, Grunt - workflow management tools
  • SEO - to make site show up in search engines
  • Bower, Nuget - for package management

Why Choose Front End Development by XB Software?

  • We have deep expertise in the mainstream frontend technologies and development tools
  • We organize frontend events in Minsk for web developers, such as 4Front Meetup and What The Hack hackathon, where our frontenders act as event speakers
  • We produce clean HTML, CSS and JavaScript for web apps and sites (our case studies speak for themselves)
  • The high quality of code is ensured by qualified testing how the app looks and functions in multiple browsers and platforms
  • We optimize websites for search engines and pay much attention to site usability and accessibility

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