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Simple App to Manage Kicker Tournaments Online

A great kicker manager app that you should try out for your table football, or kicker, at home and in the office.

With KickerPlay you can easily get your kicker profile, create or join tournaments, invite your friends and track games online, having all history on stats and rankings stored.

It takes no effort to start a new game. You just have to select available players and KickerPlay will split them into teams, organize groups and playoffs. Besides, you can manually set up and adjust the time of each game, score goals and view real-time score updates in our kicker manager.

All these contributes to saving your time on building teams or scoring goals, allowing you and your collegues more time to enjoy the game.

*The product is discontinued.

Key features:

  • Fast registration to get your personal kicker account
  • Joining or creating a tournament upon a click
  • Inviting your friends or collegues to join the game
  • Holding your permanent teams, adding team names and pictures
  • Intuitive and simplified game and players management
  • Live scores to keep track of your game
  • Easy time tracking
  • Game and players’ stats to keep score of all games and rankings
  • Multi-device support (PCs, tablets and smartphones)
  • Cross-browser compatibility

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