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XB Chat

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XB Chat is an easy-to-use and secure WebRTC solution. It allows users to create and hold video calls, audio sessions, and text chats. XB chat is compatible with desktop systems (Mac/Windows) and operates flawlessly in Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari.

Embedded Version
XB Chat can be embedded into an existing business web application ‘as is’ and allows users to hold one-on-one chat and calling directly from the app.
Embedded version of XB Chat allows users to create 1 on 1 chatting and calling
XB Chat can be embedded into an existing app ‘as is’
Stand-alone Version
The stand-alone version of XB Chat allows users to create new video-audio and text-chat sessions directly from their browser.

Stand-alone Version
Stand-alone version of XB Chat allows users to create group chatting and calling
Allows inviting a user to the chat by invitation link

Key XB Chat Features

Faster communication with your clients, partners, employees without any interruptions
You can screen share, record* and archive materials, file share and add files or images into the conversation
Formats, sizes, and UIs of the chat can be customized per client’s request
The chat operates on desktop systems (Mac/Windows)
The chat easily integrates with existing apps and operates flawlessly in Chrome, Mozilla and Safari
* requires additional free plugin for Chrome

Efficient Communication Thanks to

Distinctive in-app features
XB Chat "as is" enables users to create a video, audio and text chatting, sharing, recording, and archiving of the screens and files, and adding of files or images into the conversation.
Flexible platform
The OpenTok platform by TokBox provides efficient and rich communication capabilities for any business. It is fully customizable, secure, and can be easily embedded in any web app.

Benefits for Your Industry

Increase efficiency and involvement in and out of the classroom
Enhance interaction and cooperation between students, teachers, scholarship awarding funds
Share training materials in one click
Contact with your personal tutor at any time
Organize and hold interactive e-seminars
Combine online eLearning with traditional classroom methods (blended education)
Access to virtual classrooms
Broadcast video lessons for a wide audience
Easily integrate the app into any existing e-learning apps
Healthcare and Telemedicine
Healthcare and Telemedicine
Raise the level of patients' care and improve patient outcome
Communicate and obtain patient information in real-time
Ensure secure transmission of personal health with HIPAA compliant video chat software
Increase engagement and broadening of the capabilities of telemedicine apps
Reduce costs and increase efficiency through automated workflow
Easily integrate directly into any new or existing healthcare software
Customer services
Customer services
Enhance real-time customer support at pre-sale, sale and post-sale stages
Improve direct communication between a company and its clients
Increase customers’ loyalty and satisfaction
Build stronger relationships with your customers
Easily integrate into existing apps
Field Services
Field Services
Lower operational costs through remote support and real-time expert review
Enhance operational efficiency
Share and record engineering documentation, materials, files and use them for future training of your staff
Monitor and control the state of the object (preparation, installation, launching) in real time
Speed up resolution time by using see-what-I-see experience
Integrate seamlessly with existing field support systems
Workforce management
Workforce management
Simplify collaboration between employees
Directly integrate into an existing CRM software for more effective employee communication
Transmit video data from one company department to another
Hold job interviews in real-time
Enhance users’ experience and involvement
Increase employees’ overall effectiveness
Automate and improve business processes
Integrate effortlessly with any existing workflow platform
Enhance your business processes and workflows by embedding an easy-to-use and customizable XB Chat app.

Optional Features

Additionally, our team can customize the UI of the XB Chat and add the following comprehensive features:
We can add a broadcasting feature to XB Chat that allows users to interact with presenters, educators, managers or executives through real-time video and voice communication.
Boosts cooperation between your business and your customers
Removes geographical and time barriers
Strengthens audience engagement
Allows you to record events, seminars and create high-quality content for distribution and sharing
Speech Recognition
We can integrate a speech recognition feature directly to the XB Chat app. It allows the recognition and translation of spoken language into text.
Improves communications
Boosts search capabilities and negotiation processes
Boosts cooperation between employees
Guarantees better customer service experience

If you need video chat customization or an online video chat app developed from scratch based on WebRTC, please view the Video Chat App Development.

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Sorry, the product is no longer supported.