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XB Staff Manager

Customizable Employee Management System

XB Staff Manager is an easy to use and customize employee and resource management system that allows simple handling of staff personal information as well as keeping track of all company projects and tasks. It is created with the use of the JavaScript UI widgets library Webix. The applied technologies also include JavaScript, HTML5 and PHP.

There are two main types of users – Manager (with limited access rights) and Super Manager (with full access rights).

This products is distributed under MIT license as a SaaS solution that can be adapted and customized to your needs.

Key Features:

  • Keeping records of all company employees (dismissed employees as well), projects and tasks in one place
  • Remote access to manage personnel and projects from anywhere
  • Fast task tracking and management
  • Simple data handling by all staff manager users
  • Customer involvement into development process
  • High customization capabilities that allow managers to configure the system interface
  • Tracking employees birthdays and notifying HR Mangers
  • Cross-browser compatibility (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE9+)
  • Support for touch devices

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