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Exploratory Testing

exploratory testing

An approach in software testing that implies simultaneous studying of the product when you work with it, creation of exploratory tests and their implementation.
Such tests are not predefined or implemented precisely according to the plan as it happens when scenario tests are used.

Our QA experts write down test ideas, which are later applied in the next test cycles. And each sequential test that we carry out during research testing is selected based upon the results of the previous test. Therefore this type of testing is more flexible, allowing to choose the best testing strategy.

Doing the research testing, we create test sessions limited in time. Testing is held within these test sessions. Following the results of each session, a report on test results is created, which is subsequently discussed by the testers’ team at briefings.

Consider our QA teams’ advantages when you think of exploratory testing:

  • We know how to deal with exploratory testing and separate tasks for tests implementation by priority
  • We generate proper reports based on test results, with all detected bugs and recommendations added to the bugtracking system
  • Our team consists of skilled specialists, whose qualification in the use of various techniques and experience in the testing of different types of products allow successful exploratory tests implementation in terms of constant product analysis

We recommend to try out our research testing service to define how your product actually works.
You can also turn to this testing approach if you have an incomplete list of requirements or incomplete specification.
Exploratoty testing is also highly recommended to use if you have no project documentation at all.