SEO Testing

seo testing

XB Software team offers SEO audit of your site to verify the level of your website optimization by key SEO parameters which may influence your site rankings in search engines.

We conduct deep analysis of all site pages and provide actual information on the current state of your site optimization, pointing at the weak sides which need improvement.

Much attention is paid to the structure analysis of internal link building of site pages optimized for search queries.

Internal SEO factors include:

  • analysis of robots.txt and sitemap files
  • analysis of site pages source code
  • analysis of graphics files to meet seo requirements
  • pages meta tags analysis
  • keyword density on site pages
  • analysis for double content
  • internal link building analysis

SEO audit also includes full analysis of site external links, both incoming and outcoming.

External SEO factors include:

  • analysis of incoming links to site, including donor sites for relevance and trust rank
  • analysis of outcoming links from site
  • analysis of anchor list
  • analysis of link growth dynamics

Dedicated QA team is ready to perform free trial testing, including functional testing, mobile testing, stress testing, SEO testing, usability testing, security audit. See trial testing terms.

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