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Creation of Test Documentation

creation of test documentation

To develop a successful product, it’s highly important to document all testing steps.

Test documenation substantially improves product quality. It is achieved due to closer cooperation, clarification of details during development of a test plan and documentation.

When testing is over, test documentation will be helpful to check out whether all testing steps were successfully completed.

We develop test strategies, test plans and necessary documentation.

Documentation can include test specifications, that are documents describing test methods and test scenarios with steps necessary to verify different assessment criteria of software quality.

Test plans describe scenarios to conduct smoke testing, regression testing and acceptance testing.

We also create test reports for each product version and environment. As a rule, when project audit is over, we provide our client with the following documentation:

  • list of detected errors by priority and algorithms to reproduce wrong behaviour of software
  • status report on product and its components
  • check list with data on each function quality in the system
  • one-page stress smoke test analysis to demonstrate app speed (performance) and decide whether full stress test is required

Test documentation may vary in format, level of details and scope for each specific project. The main goal of test documentation is to make the work process transparent and improve software testing quality. We ensure that documentation is always up to date and is updated as the project evolves.