Ethereum smart contracts and blockchain development

Smart-Contracts and Blockchain Development

Build top-notch, cost-effective and high-end blockchain based decentralized applications (DApps)
on Ethereum to strengthen your business operations security.


XB Software is an innovative and reliable outsourcing software development company that offers the development of blockchain apps and Smart Contracts using the Ethereum platform. We cooperate with our clients on a regular basis to provide them with confidence in making the most complex business decisions, by developing cutting-edge Blockchain solutions, which can help to improve their business.

Core Services We Provide

Blockchain development consulting

We assess the potential business gains and implement blockchain solutions in such business fields as Trading, Logistics, Finance, etc.

Blockchain apps development

We develop top-notch Blockchain apps that are suitable for your business.
Blockchain apps development

Smart contracts development

We develop highly secure and reliable smart contracts to launch ICO or cover your custom needs using a Solidity and latter-day Ethereum-based technology stack.
Smart contracts development

What Is a Smart Contract?

Smart contracts are computer protocols presented in a digital form, intended to improve upon traditional legal contracts by validating the conditions of a contract and enforcing outcomes through code. The main aim of smart contracts is to provide high security and reduce other transaction costs associated with contracting. Such contracts are more reliable than regular contracts.

Smart Contracts - Benefits for Business

Smart contracts can automate different processes, procedures, and operations. The core benefit of using smart contracts is that businesses will be able to bypass the imperfection of governmental and tax regulations. Blockchain-based smart contracts offer the following benefits for business:


Decentralized process of implementation, on which blockchain is based, reduces the risk of fraud. All processes are managed automatically by the whole user network rather than an individual user or party.

Transactions without an intermediary

Smart contracts can reduce or, in some cases, completely exclude the involvement of third-party agents.

Operating costs saving

Smart contracts are based on software code, therefore all tasks are automated, which excludes any manual manipulation and processing by humans.

Reducing cost

Less human intervention and a decreased number of auxiliary steps results in lowered costs, with lower administrative and financial costs for the most common transactions.

Higher accuracy

Smart contracts increase the speed of business operations and are less prone to manual error.

Creation of new business models

Smart contracts enable new kinds of business and products, such as smart locks for vehicles and storage units, or innovations in the micro insurance sphere.

Business Sectors That Use Smart-contracts

Accounting and
Information Technology

For Businesses We Offer

Blockchain market solutions
Crowdfunding solutions
Private blockchain app development
Blind auctions
Multi-signature wallets & exchange solutions
Smart contracts development
Financial platforms
Blockchain app development consulting
Trading platforms
DApps development

Smart Contracts Use Cases

Blockchain and smart contracts are an innovative way to automate transactions and business operations to make them clearer, more effective, and more secure for all participants.
Apps where smart contracts could be successfully used
Use Cases
Smart Contract Implementation
Financial Sector
Trading activities
The ability to automate approval for trading workflows and clearing calculations, thus reducing errors, cost, and the time to settlement. Managers could approve workflow between counterparts, calculate trade settlement fees, and transfer funds automatically.
Automatically calculates and makes regular payments using e-Payment systems.
Micro insurance
Calculates and transfers regular insurance payments based on usage data.
Healthcare Sector
Checking and recording medical indicators upon multi-signature approval between patients and solution providers.
e-Health Tracking
Tracking of medical indicators of patients' health through IoT devices, automatic remunerations based on specific milestones of health screening.
Information Technology
Royalty distribution
Calculates and distributes bonus payments to service provider and other associated parties according to the contract.
Makes supply chain and trade finance documentation more efficient, by upgrading logistics and documentation processes. Transfers payments between multi-signature approval for letters of credits and issues payments.
Peer-to-peer transactions
Matches parties and transfers payments automatically for different p2p apps: insurance, credits, retail and etc.

Applied Technologies


Why We Create Smart Contracts on Ethereum

To provide more secure, private, and low-cost solutions in smart contract implementation, XB Software team uses the Ethereum blockchain platform.
It is built on a blockchain in which every transaction is recorded publicly. The key benefit of an Ethereum contract is that it allows the exchange of money and other assets faster and more cheaply than relying on a long chain of brokers. In addition to the operations with virtual currency, the software provides an easy way to create online markets and transactions with program logic known as smart contracts.
Dapps Built Using Ethereum
Digital signatures that ensure authenticity and
proof de-risking
Interactive and useful apps for IoT devices
Digital tokens pegged to real currencies
Digital tokens pegged to gold
Apps for authenticating users and managing process
Apps for intellectual property protection
e-Trading platforms
Platforms for crowdfunding
Decentralized marketplaces
Apps for mobile payments services

Smart Tokens We Use in Smart Contracts

ERC20 token standard contracts
XB Software company applies ERC20 Token standard. The ERC20 standard makes the assets more easily interchangeable and ensures a new level of trust between your business and your customers with DApps’ compatibility with the Ethereum network.

XB Software as a Smart Contracts and Blockchain Development Partner

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  • Developer of customizable and scalable solutions
  • Quick-responder to your business needs
  • Flexible and secure developer
  • Experienced Bitcoin contracts and blockchain projects developer

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