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Tracking Systems Development

Automate your business processes and increase productivity by streamlining management operations. Plan, manage and track internal resources and operations more efficiently to grow your business.

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Tracking systems allow both management and employees to monitor all relevant information. Using such software, you can conveniently monitor employees’ attendance and working hours. Tracking systems help to gather and analyze data related to finances, sales, inventory, and real-time vehicle information.

Our team can develop comprehensive tracking software to speed up cargo processing, provide real-time information on freight tracking, and reduce the amount of paperwork involved. With this solution, you can replace tons of paper documents with electronic ones and reduce mistakes caused by invalid or missing information. Web-based tracking system software can help assign tasks and schedule working hours. Moreover, you can track reports, simplify workflow management, and increase the efficiency of your in-house team cooperation.

Time, Task and Bug Tracking Systems

Time tracking systems
Task tracking systems
Bug tracking systems
create tasks and monitor their progress
participate in discussions via message boards
generate and track logs of their work
manage timesheets, efficiency growth, and performance
Time tracking systems
create, edit and monitor tasks
get updates on the tasks with time logging or timesheets
get real-time notifications about the status of a particular task and overtime
streamline the workflow
Task tracking
view and analyze bug reports in a click
create and visualize bug reports
view bug tracking in real time
create and use filters to find the required data quickly
export reports to a PDF file
Bug tracking
Our development team creates top-notch tracking systems that allow you to perform all described tasks using an intuitive drag-and-drop oriented UI.

GPS fleet tracking systems allow you to:

View and analyze relevant and reliable data about vehicles’ locations.
Streamline supply chain operations and increase the efficiency of car use.
Get exact information about traffic jams, choose the best route to get to the destination point, and minimize vehicle expenses.
Monitor a car’s location and driver performance over time through an interactive route replay system that divides each route into detailed trip segments.
Our development team can integrate Google Maps, Yandex Maps, or Bing Maps with your vehicle fleet tracking system.

Vehicle tracking systems allow your managers to:

Tracking systems make it easy to monitor staff members, tasks, or objects, and provide a timely ordered sequence of location data for further processing. Such systems help you arrange all issues related to a particular part of a complex task.
Track employees' activities and working time, estimate overtime, monitor schedule adherence of vehicles in service, register unexpected shutdowns, and more.
Collect statistics about vehicles, deliveries, driving records. This data allows you to increase the safety of trips, reduce fuel costs, optimize routes, and more.
Provide better customer service by enhancing shipments aggregation and using route optimization.
Save costs on fleet maintenance by using maintenance alerts or service warnings displayed on drivers’ mobile devices.

The Benefits of Tracking Software

Optimization of
business processes
Safety improvements
Automation of planning
and reporting
Cost savings
Improved customer

Why Choose XB Software Development Team?

Detailed reporting and data analysis tools

Our team has great experience in creating of robust and comprehensive web-based dashboards and BI tools to analyze your business data more efficiently. We help companies to automate their business processes, manage tasks, resources, and information in a click.

Improved management and accessibility

We develop intuitive and feature-rich systems using powerful JavaScript UI libraries such as Webix and DHTMLX. Using comprehensive UX/UI components allow us to develop tracking systems that can significantly accelerate business processes, increase collaboration and information sharing, reduce the time and effort required to manage data.

Flexible development approach

The XB Software team has extensive expertise in ERP software development. During our ten-year career, we have proven ourselves as reliable partners. Our team deeply analyzes and considers the unique business-specific needs of our customers, and develops high-end, tailor-made solutions for them.

Client-centric approach

We deliver professional services and have a client-centric culture. We develop solutions that help our clients increase their ROI and the loyalty of their customers. Our development team creates solutions tailored to your business needs.

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