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We create reliable, secure, and low latency apps for video chatting developed to your needs and demands.


Analytics says that more than 80% of all information will be presented as a video by the year 2020. Catch up with the trends and start creating the future together with the experts at XB Software.

XB Software offers the development of video chat apps using WebRTC and other technologies. WebRTC is an open-source technology that strengthens mobile and desktop apps with real-time communication capabilities through numerous APIs.

Why You Need a Video Chat App

eCommerce & Enterprises
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eCommerce & Enterprises

Every entrepreneur (online or offline) is seeking ways to turn each consumer into a loyal customer. To solve this dilemma, XB Software offers reliable video chat apps development. You can increase your customer loyalty and provide superior support for each of your clients via personal video calls.
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Teleconferencing can bring people together anytime and anywhere even though they are separated by hundreds or even thousands of miles. Thanks to the new technologies, as well as video chatting and video conferencing app development, users around the world have a revolutionary level of interactivity. Due to XB Software’s huge experience in web development, you can get a unique app solution and gather your team not only for regular meetings but also play video games on large screens and game consoles.
Virtual Education Classrooms
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Virtual Education Classrooms

Nowadays there are so many opportunities to gain new education, knowledge, and improve your proficiency. Online communities offer innumerable ways of educational and certification possibilities all around the world. It's easy to achieve all these goals with the help of video chat apps and group video chat tools. Our high-quality development team can develop a new app or integrate an existing solution to make your e-learning product more effective, eye-catching, and the most sought-after.
Social Chats & Communities
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Social Chats & Communities

Today we cannot imagine our life without social networks. Users become more demanding and cranky day by day. The XB Software team offers you not only the ways to retain existing clients but also attract new ones to your app or service through adding video chat tools and functionality.

How You Can Benefit From Having a Video Chat App

A video chatting app is an awesome and useful tool both for business and consumer needs. Visual communications bring more understanding than communication only through text or audio because users want to collect as much information as they can in the shortest time and the easiest way.

Reduce Costs

  • You can reduce all operating costs and total in-office costs are also reduced.
  • You can control your employees on a remote basis; schedule their work and get improved results.
  • You achieve clearer and more consistent communication between team members; therefore productivity and efficiency are improved.
Reduce Costs

Increase Your Customer Service to a New Level

  • Helps your business to identify issues faster via show-and-tell.
  • Creates the sense of your business presence and timely support for your customers.
  • Your consumers can get a fast connection with the support team, which assists in building strong loyalty and commitment to the company.
Bring Your Customer Service Up to New Level

Increase Sales

  • Helps your business to choose the right balance in communication methods. Customers want help when it’s needed and don’t want sales representatives hovering over them.
  • You can maintain the great interest of agents in your products and pick up stable sales. When your salespeople can talk face-to-face with customers and solve all questions directly, it’ll increase the stability of your sales and definitely improve the client’s perception of your company.
Increase Sales

Communicate with Ease

  • You can easily clarify all difficult questions and situations, especially when a group communicates via a video chat.
  • For this reason, group video chatting provides more opportunities as a visual, rather than the conversational style of a meeting.
Communicate with Ease

Video Chat Apps We Create

Web-based Video Conferencing App

A simple, convenient, and user-friendly web-based video conferencing application that allows video/audio peer-to-peer communication and group text messaging without the installation of any additional software. Its primary goal is to enable secure browser-based conference video/audio calls and text communication, both internally (between the customer’s employees) and externally (between the customer and its partners).

Key Industry Verticals of Video-Enabled Apps We Develop

Key Industry

Applied Technologies


Why Customers Choose XB Software

We have helped numerous companies improve their positions across a variety of industries, from logistics and transportation to retail and education sectors. With more than 9 years’ experience in custom web development and IT outsourcing, we have the best tools to develop web solutions that will help you to improve your business. Why XB Software? Because your aspiration is our passion.
Experience in developing chat apps
Experience in developing chat apps based on WebRTC technology and on other popular platforms.
Experience in integrations
Experience with third party integrations (Analytics tools, Google Maps, Bing Maps, e-commerce plugins and tools, social networks, cloud services, file hosting services, etc.).
Webix UI
Strong ability in creating functional and appealing web interfaces thanks to the Webix UI widgets that we develop.
Full expertise
Full stack development expertise: front-end (React.js, Marionette.js) and back-end development (Node.js).
use PhoneGap and React Native
Experienced in creating hybrid apps using PhoneGap and React Native to build video chat apps for iOS/Android.
The video chat apps that we create are based on the principles of material design.

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