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Website and CRM Integration

Centralizing Your Business Data in One Place To Automate Your Business Processes

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is vital for businesses of any size and industry. It helps keep all necessary information in one place, helping you to run your business effectively.

Many CRM users advocate cloud-based solutions, which are affordable and easy to use.

XB Software team can integrate any selected CRM into your site. We are aware of all the pitfalls of CRM integration because we’ve produced our own CRM system (Webix CRM) and know exactly how customers interact with a company and thus can advise you on how to make this process more beneficial to both you and your clients.

why crm

Why Do You Need a CRM?

  • You’d like to monitor your customer interactions with your company, starting from inquiry sending to purchases, communications and referrals
  • You’d like to integrate your sales and marketing, monitor marketing campaigns and activities, track conversion rates and your customer satisfaction
  • You’d like to measure measure effectiveness of sales process, simplify sales follow-ups and track revenue
  • You’d like to have comprehensive business management and centralize all your business data

Examples of CRM Integrations

Contact form

Forwarding incoming inquiries directly to CRM system where they are filtered by type and are directed to the corresponding department
Contact form

Quote request

Processing all incoming quote requests, translating them into a lead in the CRM system, allowing you to track how many quote requests are coming through your website
Quote request

Customer feedback

Receiving customer feedbacks directly into CRM system to analyze them to find out where improvements should be made
Customer feedback

Support ticket system

Managing customer support tickets directly in CRM system, providing your customer service and sales a full picture about customer service in a company
Support ticket system

eCommerce integration

Managing products, categories, etc. in the CRM and sending information to the eCommerce website, tracking customer’s activity, creating marketing campaigns in the CRM and linking them with online product sales.
eCommerce integration

Featured Examples with Integrated CRM Systems

Our Approach

  • We will conduct profound analysis to help you clarify your needs and select a CRM platform that will be integrated it into your site
  • We'll seamlessly integrate the selected CRM into your site, configure and customize it to meet your business needs
  • We'll connect your CRM system with accounting systems, marketing automation platforms and other front and back-office apps
  • We'll also train your team to manage your CRM system efficiently

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