Website Development

Creating Award Winning Websites That Increase Sales and Lead Generation

Websites design and structure shouldn’t be underestimated. They can mean a lot for your business success, since they determine how your site performs, how high it ranks with search engines, and most importantly, how it is percieved by your clients.

XB Software offers website development services with a focus on site front end development, CRM integration into a site and mobile optimization to create both visually appealing and user-centric sites that support popular platforms and work rapidly on all modern devices.

While developing websites, we pay much attention to traffic and lead generation strategies. We do our best to create websites that help achieve your business objectives andl increase your ROI.

front end dev Website Coding

If you have a ready mockup, we’ll turn it into user-friendly, mobile-responsive (or any other you need) page layouts using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery and other mainstream front end technologies. We do our best to make your site run flawlessly and look great on all devices.

mobile hybrid web dev Mobile-Optimized Website Development

We produce websites optimized and accessible on mobile devices running different platforms (iOS, Android, Windows). We follow the best practices to develop a site that will meet the needs of on-the-go mobile users and as a result, increase your conversion rate.

Our Technical Skills

  • HTML5 - to write basic functional website code
  • CSS3 - to make websites look pretty
  • Less, Sass - css pre-compilers
  • Photoshop, Ilustrator - software to edit images
  • JavaScript - to add interactivity to web pages
  • Typescript - JavaScript pre-compiler
  • AngularJS, Backbone and Webix MVC - client-side MVC frameworks
  • WebSockets - for real time data update
  • Gulp, Grunt - workflow management tools
  • SEO - to make site show up in search engines
  • Bower, Nuget - for package management

Expertise with CMS Frameworks

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • VirtueMart

Featured Websites and Apps We’ve Developed

Why Choose Website Development by XB Software?

  • We have a team of business analysts who help define the right strategy to develop successful user experience and make sure that the design meets your business needs
  • Our team of talented designers experienced in creating incredible web designs
  • We have a team of web developers who produced lots of sites of different complexity using the mainstream web technologies and development tools
  • We always work in strong cooperation with our clients who can easily monitor the development process workflow
  • We make sure your site supports multiple browsers and platforms
  • We analyze your site contents and work with your copywriter to make sure the content is created in accordance with your revenue goals
  • We have SEO expertise, optimize websites for search engines and pay much attention to site usability and accessibility
  • We have a proven track-record of how sites developed by us enjoy increase in search engine traffic
  • We create sites that meet legal requirements (minimum of Level 1 (Priority A) accessibility guidelines)
  • We help select the right host provider for your site
  • We offer reliable and cost effective support on an ongoing basis

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