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How Webix Dashboards Can Add Value To Your Business Intelligence (BI) App
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Enable effective measurement through the use of KPIs across all levels of an organization

How Webix Dashboards Can Add

In this document, we describe the issues related to data engineering and processing and share our view on the development approach that allows us to create intuitive and efficient BI dashboards. We also show the particular features of BI dashboards that can help to solve a range of data handling problems.

Our whitepaper includes a breakdown of the different types of dashboards that may be required, such as operational dashboards, strategic dashboards, and analytical dashboards. We have provided guidelines for selecting the right type of dashboard for your business needs.

This whitepaper can be useful for owners, C-level executives, and other decision-makers to learn more about:

  • Data gathering and processing issues your business can face
  • Must-have features of BI dashboards
  • Development approaches applied by XB Software to create intuitive and efficient BI dashboards tailored to your needs
  • Features and components of Webix UI Library
  • Real use cases and live demos

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