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Construction Software Development

Nowadays the construction industry is experiencing challenging times. Technology-driven software implementation is able to take your construction business to a completely new level.

How Custom Software Can Accelerate Your Construction Business

Modern software is an effective tool which helps to establish construction processes and significantly save costs in a long-term perspective. Making a step on the path of digitalization will help in achievement of the following goals:

Acceleration of
construction processes
Better control over
construction equipment
data tracking
Overall expenses
of security risks
tasks automation

Software Solutions We Can Offer to Construction Business

XB Software team will deeply analyze your requirements and provide the types of solution, on the basis of your business needs. We have a great expertise in the field of construction software development. Main types of custom solutions we can build:

All-in-One ERP System

The system can be considered as a comprehensive all-in-one Enterprise Resource Planning system containing all listed modules. Through the use of an ERP system you can easily keep control over the company’s resources in the real-time mode and minimize miscalculation risks.

Management Module
Manage all projects within one single system and provide your employees with access to real-time data.
Management Module
Schedule the shifts efficiently, monitor the attendance of the employees, set up meetings through the use of an appointment management module.
HR Management
and Payroll Module
Streamline your human resources processes with one single system, covering operational and financial aspects.
Supply Chain
Management Module
Manage your supply chain in the most efficient manner and enhance collaboration with distributors, stakeholders and team members.
Management Module
Manage your assets with opportunities to gain the up-to-date information promptly and from any device.
Management Module
Gather up-to-date information considering service management to boost up the efficiency of the departments.

At XB Software We Offer Various Types of Construction Software Services

Creation of the Custom
Construction Software from Zero

We can build a completely software that would possess the functionality in compliance with your requirements

Modernization of the Existing
Construction Software

If you already have a software which needs to be updated we may modernize it according to your current needs

Integration of Your Construction
Software with Third-party Systems

We may also help you with integration of your software with third-party systems for functionality enhancement

Implementation of DHTMLX
Gantt and DHTMLX Scheduler

We may offer you to implement our top-notch products dhtmlxGantt and dhtmlxScheduler with proven efficiency in planning and tracking any types of tasks and projects.

Looking for a trusted construction software development company?

We will help you to develop the system exactly in compliance with your requirements and all desired features that will cover your business needs.

What will You Get in the Result?

Haven’t decided if you need a custom software? Go through the advantages a custom solution can bring to your construction business:

Precise project cost evaluation
Advanced workforce management
More accurate construction time frames determination
Easy report generation
Efficient documentation storage and easy access
Effective financial operations management
Advanced operations tracking
Transparent management of subcontractors
Robust management of flowing processes
Customer demand forecasting
Streamlined client base

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