At XB Software, we have been specializing in customized software development services and enterprise app modernization since 2008. Because we are committed to our clients, Clutch, B2B ratings, and reviews firm, has recognized us as one of the top software developers in the world!

Our clients are our priority; without our clients, we would not have achieved this honor. We work with mid-market, small, and enterprise businesses in a multitude of industries. Recently, we received a 4.8-star review from a software company. The company needed experienced developers to work with, so it called us in to help with frontend development. We helped it work more efficiently, and we assisted with development and QA. The company found our services helpful and continues to work with us.

Clutch 5 star review

“They advise us during the development process, which saves us a lot of grief over time by allowing us to deliver better solutions in a shorter time compared to doing it from scratch.” — Director, Software Company

Additionally, an IT services company gave us a 5-star rating. The company needed assistance in developing the frontend of its online project management software. The software would allow users to track their progress when working on projects. We created the app from scratch and added a customizable resource calendar in the app. The company was thoroughly impressed with our work.

Clutch review

“XB Software consistently delivered goals on time and exceeded expectations.” — Owner, IT Services Company

Client satisfaction is what drives our business. We are beyond grateful for client feedback, and we will continue to deliver high-quality results.  You can also see us on Visual Objects, Clutch’s portfolio-sharing sister site, where we are listed as one of its top development companies — you can check out our portfolio. We are also featured on Clutch’s other sister site, The Manifest, as one of the top web developers in Belarus.

“We believe that the positive reviews about XB Software are the evidence and result of our dedicated work. With every customer, we follow the client-oriented and partnership approach. Two values on which we build our cooperation are business objectives achievement and customer result satisfaction.”  

As a company operating in a challenging market, we are happy to see positive feedbacks and invite you to get acquainted with the XB Software profile on Clutch in order to form your own opinion. Visit our Clutch profile, and contact us to inquire about our services.