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Project Management Software Development

Manage your business information flow in a simple way and multiply your revenue using top-notch project management software solutions from XB Software.

What is Project Management Software?

Custom project management software allows users to draw up detailed plans and schedules, gather information pertaining to multiple sources, track the results and monitor the completion of tasks. The key advantage of a project management system is that it completely automates the assessment and optimization of business processes.

Planning Software

Planning systems allow to manage and control all corporate resources and information flow more efficiently. You can monitor staff performance, set KPIs and business goals, and make the estimating process more comprehensive and clear.

XB Software’s team can develop user-friendly planning apps and integrate it into your existing solution. We have a great experience in building excellent planning systems for different industries.

Project Management Software

Enterprise project management software allows to simplify and automate most current transactions. It provides businesses with performance overviews, real-time information and dynamic forecasts of important indicators and costs as well as help to manage teams more efficiently.

Our skilled team can build robust project management software to manage all employee records, projects and tasks in one place, and help the project manager to analyze and plan the workflow of a project.

XB Software’s team has a broad expertise in custom project management software creation. We build solutions from scratch and integrate them into your existing ERP system or other apps.

We Develop Project Management Software That Improves the Way You Work

Improvement of business processes
Allows you to improve project management saving you time by planning and tracking multiple projects in a single system.
Managing tasks
Allows you to update, manage and track task progress and implementation from anywhere.
Allows you to create informative reports in one click and visualize data that shows the projects' progress in real time.
Simplified collaboration
Allows you to cooperate effectively with the whole team and track task progress along with working hours and overtime.
Enhancement of project management
Allows you to manage and monitor the progress of your projects in one click by using interactive dashboards, Gantt charts, and workload management tools.
Allows you to create, schedule, set projects' deadlines and plan large or small projects, easily adjust due dates, attach and export files in different formats.

XB Software As a Reliable and Skilled Provider

Speeding up web development

To accelerate project management software development, we use our own product, DHTMLX, which has already conquered the market. We use components such as Gantt and Scheduler. Both components are full-featured and have a huge amount of customization options, and can also be integrated into existing systems.

Optimizing operations

We have created effective and robust tools to control workflows and streamline your resources by providing complete business information. You can get a bespoke project management system consisting of different modules developed from scratch to manage your business operations effectively.

Accelerating your business

We develop high-quality solutions customized to the business needs of any company. Our systems are focused on accelerating the performance of any enterprise through automation processes, detailed data collection, and financial analytics to drive better business decisions and increase revenue.

Customizable solutions

XB Software is a skilled software development company that creates top-notch custom project management solutions for your business, adapted to your specific needs and requirements. Our team can add features such as planning, tracking or data visualization and extend it to other existing systems and apps beyond your ERP system.

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