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Product Development Services

Having thorough experience in creating our own software products that improve the development process of our clients, we also develop products for other companies. We can help you to bring your product to market, assisting you from the very start to its release.

Software Product Development Services We Provide

Full-Cycle Product Development
Full-Cycle Product Development
Legacy Product Modernization
Legacy Product Modernization
Integration with Other Products or Technologies
Integration with Other Products or Technologies
Product Customization
Product Customization
MVP Development
MVP Development
Full-Cycle Product Development
Full-Cycle Product Development

We built our own products to improve the development process of software, web, and other solutions for our customers. Our team also created several white label products to let the clients decide how to use these solutions. Thus, we have a wide experience and are able to easily assist you in developing an individual product for your business.

Legacy Product Modernization
Legacy Product Modernization

If your product lacks automation, has old-fashioned design, or you want to implement some technology trends to keep up with the times, our team can provide you with product design and development services and improve the system. We are ready to gather the team of required developers, business analysts, and other experts to modernize your software solution.

Integration with Other Products or Technologies
Integration with Other Products or Technologies

To ensure you have a market-ready end product, we can also assist you in integrating it with your current systems or other third-party solutions if required. Our team will thoroughly collaborate with yours to choose the tech stack that will match your goals and needed technologies or applications. Our developers can also offer you cross-platform app development services.

Product Customization
Product Customization

In order to customize your product faster and make it user-friendly and trendy, we usually suggest our clients to implement our JavaScript UI libraries and frameworks, Webix and DHTMLX. We can show you how to use them to let you choose the best solution for your idea and develop a product that will leave your customers astonished.

MVP Development
MVP Development

Our MVP product development services are designed to help you launch a successful noticeable product quickly and cost-effectively. We join our customers in their journey to help them to get early users’ feedback and define further steps. XB Software team has extensive expertise in converting startup concepts into top-notch functioning solutions.

Flexible Outsourcing Service Models We Offer

Fixed Price
  • Your confidence in product vision
  • Requires fully detailed specifications
  • Useful for controlling the cost, but less control in general
  • Deviating from the defined scope can be expensive
Time & Materials
  • Transparent product development process
  • Scope is adapted to your business needs
  • More control over product
  • Price is based on the actual time and materials used during the project
  • Hire only required specialists
  • Get more control over developers’ tasks
  • Spend less on equipment, software, and training
  • Strengthen your team and reduce possible risks

If you are torn between choosing a Time & Materials or Fixed-Price contract, our company offers a mixed type contract, which we call the Budget with the Float Scope (BFS) contract and that may also be known as a Product Development Agreement.

  • Your budget and deadline (FP model)
  • Your idea and valuable product (T&M or Agile model)
  • Cooperation between teams
  • Every stakeholder is well-informed
  • Budget increment allocated for one feature performed only after decreasing the budget for another feature

We have a detailed explanation on what the Budget with Float Scope contract is.

If you want to know more from our experts and determine if it’s suitable for your idea, please contact us.

Our Product Development Process

Product Analysis and Planning

Our team analyzes the information related to the product in order to understand the target audience and the goals your company sets. To get a clear picture and plan the further tasks, we involve specialists with various skills, including Business Analysts, Technical Experts, UI/UX Designers, Product/Project Managers, etc.

Product Prototyping

To be on the same page, our UI/UX designers and developers create a product prototype, which helps to determine the future interface and understand how it’s supposed to work. Thus, both your team and ours will be able to evaluate if all the required features can be implemented before starting the software development process.

Product Development and UI/UX Design

Based on the previously defined development and design plan, our team begins the product development process. We divide it into short sprints in order to fix all bugs right away if they are found and note down the ideas and feedback and include the suggestions into the next sprints. This approach helps to reach all milestones successfully.

Product Deployment and Testing

After all your recommendations are fulfilled and all bugs are fixed, our team proceeds with the product deployment. During this phase, we ensure that the product integrates perfectly with your current systems and applications and works as intended. If any issue occurs, we check the bug carefully and fix it.

Product Post-Launch Support

To be sure that your product reaches the market and your customers, we offer assistance during the quality guarantee and customer support period. Our specialists improve usability, detect and fix problems, and add new functionality if required. We value your trust and understand how it’s important to provide your customers with a high-quality product.

Do you want to introduce your idea to the world but don’t know where to start?

We are here to assist you in your journey!

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A ready-to-work team full of skillful experts familiar with different fields
Experienced specialists that developed products used by many companies
Comfortable and friendly team to cooperate with, committed to positive outcomes

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