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Fleet Management Software Development

We create real-time vehicle management systems for small and large fleets from scratch and integrate them with external services.

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XB Software has years of experience in developing comprehensive, large, mid-size, and small fleet management software solutions with GPS tracking for different types of vehicles. We can create fleet tracking solutions to easily monitor, manage, and schedule every single car, truck, ship, airplane, or helicopter, or an entire fleet of vehicles.

Custom fleet management software can be useful for any type of business that uses vehicles for employees to complete their job assignments or for transporting goods. Such systems can help monitor your company’s fleet, improving the overall business performance.

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We already have experience in this type of logistics software, so we are well aware of all the nuances of effective fleet management. We help our customers reduce paperwork, save fuel using real-time GPS technology, and make each trip as efficient and profitable as possible. Our team has great experience in creating fleet vehicle tracking solutions with up-to-the-minute speed and location updates.

In addition, we can integrate the developed system with external services. The features will improve your driver and fleet productivity. We offer integration with financial systems and interactive mapping. We can integrate Google Maps, Bing Maps and Yandex maps, as well as OpenStreet Map, to make geo-tracking the most convenient for you.

We create fleet management solutions that comply with the necessary regulatory requirements.

Your Future Fleet Management System Will Feature

Actually, we can build any fleet management solution from scratch and make it highly customizable and scalable. Our team can add any features specific to popular GPS fleet tracking and monitoring software available on the market, at your choice, to suit your business needs.

Real-time GPS vehicle tracking
Digital documents management
Route optimization
Driver management
Engine diagnostics
Text, SMS or email alerts
Fleet safety management
Vehicle and driver statistics
Accident detection and management
Maintenance records, planning, and control
Fuel consumption monitoring
KPI metrics dashboards
Inventory management
eCommerce module

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