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IT Solutions for Manufacturing Industry

Managing dozens of processes and workflows manually is no longer necessary if you introduce a contemporary technology-driven software in your manufacturing business.

Why Implement Digital Solutions in Your Manufacturing Business?

Implementation of contemporary IT software discovers ample opportunities for manufacturing processes efficiency increase. Moving in direction of digital transformation, it’s possible to accomplish the following goals:

equipment downtime
Boosting up company’s
general efficiency
Increase of
production security
expenses reduction
Better interaction
between departments
Routine tasks
Advanced equipment
condition control owing to IoT

Development Services We Offer for Manufacturing Companies

Legacy Software

We can easily modernize your existing software in compliance with dynamically changing business needs.

Creation and Integration
of New Modules

Integration of new components or modules with the existing software will significantly enhance the system capabilities.

Full-featured System
Development from Scratch

Building up a manufacturing software from scratch gives you 100% guarantee of meeting your business needs.

IT Solutions We May Offer for Manufacturing Industry

XB Software can build up a software with an extensive set of solutions for your manufacturing business. If you move in direction of processes optimization by using our IT services, you may take advantages of:

Easy Order Management
Better control over your sales, orders
and inventory
Enhanced Workforce Management
Monitoring employees’ productivity, workload
and efficiency
Proper Asset Management
Efficient use of equipment in company’s
Comprehensive Project Management
Improved planning for enhancement of overall
company’s effectiveness
Advanced Reporting
Quick report generation to obtain an overview
of general efficiency
Precise Payroll Management
Better financial accounting with minimized possibility
of human errors
Handy Document Management
Effective document control for flawless
functioning of a company
User-friendly Data Management
All data is stored in one secure location available
to authorized users

Our team has a strong expertise in cutting-edge technologies for manufacturing software development. Contact us to gain a free consultation considering your future project.

Why Choose XB Software?

High-quality and talented specialists were and remain the main value for our company. Owing to the vast experience in software development in different business domains including Manufacturing, our team is able to deal with projects of any complexity and tech stacks. The array of reasons for choosing in favor of our development services is below:

High-professional development team
Focus on cutting-edge technologies
Extensive skill set applied for development
Strong expertise in a variety of spheres
Hundreds of successfully launched projects
Robust project management

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