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Node.js  is an open source, cross-platform backend technology for building server side network web applications. It uses event-driven, non-blocking I/O model and enables the development of apps with fast backend. This technology is so well-known today because it gives great opportunities to developers and increases the efficiency of the engineering teams.

When Consider Node.js For Web App

Web apps building on Node.js is ideal for both startups and big companies. Mentors of web development say that Node.js is one of several technologies for the APIs that would be interesting to use and required to focus on. Moreover, it can be used to develop standard web applications on the server side, where it can control a large amount of occurring connections in a non-blocking way.

Why Consider Node.js For Your Web App

Nodejs technology

Today Node.js plays an essential role in the solutions stack of different companies that depend on its special benefits. It is a fast growing and most considerable development technology. With over 4 million users worldwide and an annual growth rate of 100 %, Node.js represents a multipurpose platform used for web applications, IoT and enterprise.

The main benefit of it is that it can manage thousands of existing connections. Finally, this technology helped transform the app development landscape at Walmart, GoDaddy, PayPal, NASA, helping them hold on innovation in APIs, Web, mobile device and customer expectations.

Benefits of Node.js development for Business

Any business, from startups and SMBs to Fortune 500 companies, can benefit from the use of Node.js, which allows creating fast and scalable web apps, such as Uber, GoDaddy and has also become the de facto standard at Dow Jones.

Increases development team productivity thanks to the availability of a variety of NPM modules.

Reduces costs for development. It is highly-scalable and requires less resources to handle big loads as compared with other technologies.

Speeds time-to-market.  It is fast and speeds up the development process, increasing the speed of any framework it is used with.

Sustainable. It allows building an app that handles numerous client applications and still works faultlessly.

Efficient. It uses Javascript, so the same language can be used both on the backend and on the frontend. This means no language boundaries between frontend and backend development.

Node.JS Services Offered by XB Software

Client-side development with such server side technologies as Node.js, ASP.NET, PHP, etc.
Node.js development using SQL/NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis, ClouchDB) databases, WebSockets and Phantom.js
api development
API Development and Integration
Web and Mobile Application UI/UX Development
Plug-ins Development

What Apps Can Be Build with Node.js

Node.js is appropriate for creating real-time applications, including:
Chat apps
Big data manipulation apps
Social networking apps
Field Service Apps
Web portals
Image processing apps
Data storage apps
Backend dashboards
Workforce and facility management apps
Content management apps

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If you need to integrate Node.js into your programming environment, our experienced web developers can do it in full compliance with your project needs and within the set time frames and budgets.

NodeJs contributor

XB Software team includes developers recognized as Node.js Contributors. We have proven dedication to the technology and understand the core aspects of project creation on Node.js, adhering to common development practices that contribute to the successful code.

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