Data Visualization Software

Create the most effective visual representation of your data.
We squeeze huge amounts of data into beautiful charts, graphs, diagrams and data tables.


Data is called the new world currency nowadays. All users consume data in one or another way. Data surrounds us, it is everywhere: on product lables, in an organization’s reports, in different equipment (sensors, controllers, etc.). Sometimes it can be difficult to present data in a suitable way. It especially concerns complex data available in various formats.

Gathering and analyzing data can be time-consuming. Developing data visualization software can help tackle this problem. XB Software specialists know how to capture large amounts of data and visualize them to improve your app usability and performance. We specialize on creating charts, graphs, diagrams, data grids, and other tools. The apps we create are end-to-end solutions, interactive, mobile friendly and provide immediate access to data.

When Do You Need Data Visualization Software?

  • You have to integrate and visualize lots of data from a variety of resources
  • You need to visualize relationships and patterns between different data sets
  • You need have access to real-time data you can manipulate and interact with directly

Why We're The Best Choice For This Job

One of our most powerful products is Webix JavaScript UI widgets library. It represents a set of JavaScript online data visualization widgets and tools, allowing you to render data to tables, gantts, charts and diagrams. It is not only the ready-to-integrate and use components that we provide our clients with. We also help customize them to the perfect fit!
webix data visualization

We can embed geographical maps into your application, such as Google Map, Nokia Map, OpenStreet Map, Yandex Map, etc.

For your information, we also have years of experience with DHTMLX JavaScript UI library, and can customize other 3rd party tools, upon your request.dhx

maps integration