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Custom software development for the educational sphere

We will strengthen your education process with disruptive technologies.

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Custom software changes today’s education model and provides new revenue and value-producing opportunities for any educational institution or individual educator. For the customer, we develop solutions that automate manual processes, store, manage, analyze, and visualize data for improving student academic performance and better educational process management.

Custom-made software offers new opportunities:

Better document management
On-demand access to any information related to the educational process
Communication process improvement
Sophisticated analytics and reporting of any participant’s performance
Early detection of performance issues for the development of corrective actions
Time reduction on task management and scheduling

We have considerable expertise in custom development for the education sphere

Special Education Software (IEP and RTI)
Custom-made Software for eLearning
Management and Administration Software for Education Institutions and Individual Educators
Assessment and Evaluation Software for Teachers and Students

Educational systems for students with special needs are in high demand nowadays. They allow children with disabilities to achieve incredible success by giving them access to public education. Therefore, educational organizations pay due attention to applying innovative learning methodologies for special needs software.

XB Software developers make applications accessible for students with visual impairments via WAI-ARIA support, high-contrast themes, and keyboard navigation features. We design solutions that help educational institutions to implement Response to Intervention (RTI) and Individualized Education Programs (IEP) more efficiently. We contribute to the education sphere by automating manual processes, implementing intuitive document management systems and other high-performance educational tools.

XB Software creates custom eLearning solutions for the end-to-end educational process. We combine extensive software development experience with industry standards and finally deliver advanced solutions that help students to achieve their objectives and complete their studies in a timely and effective manner.

We can develop and integrate custom multi-featured Digital Learning Platforms (DLP) and integrated modules for educational establishments, private training organizations, and centers. Read more

XB Software creates custom solutions that help to manage and control the education process and key performance indicators of the participants. With management and administration software, one can capture and visualize the core educational metrics of students and monitor their growth and progress more efficiently.

The effectiveness of the learning process in any slice (time, discipline, participants, etc.) can be individually viewed on customer demand. XB Software offers the most actual solutions, and designs the most effective management and administration systems for educational institutions and individual educators. Read more

Our assessment and evaluation systems provide students and teachers with relevant information about educational progress. Assessment software allows educators to monitor, visualize, and analyze educational performance, and it also offers tips for further learning process improvement. This data-based approach helps to establish whether study programs can ensure good educational performance and if not, help participants to make effective changes.

We create robust school assessment and evaluation software for educational organizations in the US and EU. The software is developed in full compliance with state and federal requirements.

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