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EdTech Software Development Services

Lacking better control over the educational process? Students cheat on assignments? Let us craft an innovative solution for you that will automate processes and secure learning and testing experience, propelling your institution into the future of education.

Who Benefits from Our Education Software Development Services

Educational Institutions

We can help K-12 schools, colleges, and universities in developing or modernizing their education software, including Learning Management Systems (LMS), school management software, virtual classroom solutions, online test systems, classroom management software, educational games, and more.

Educational Businesses

Our team is also ready to help other companies in the education sector that want to develop high-quality educational ecosystems and fulfill the needs of modern learners. Whether your business offers online learning courses for students or needs project management software for the administrative staff, we can help.

EdTech Startups

If you focus on developing innovative technological solutions and want to transform the educational industry, we can share our expertise. Our team of dedicated developers is able to build an MVP to test out your idea or develop a complex e-learning system designed for particular devices and needs.

Businesses Outside Education

Education software development companies can offer significant benefits to businesses outside the traditional education sector. We are ready to help you in developing custom e-learning platforms for employee training and professional development, performance support tools, and other software.

Education Software Development Services We Provide

Custom Education Software for eLearning

XB Software creates custom eLearning solutions for the end-to-end educational process. We combine extensive software development experience with industry standards and deliver advanced solutions that help students to achieve their objectives and complete their studies in a timely and effective manner.

Software Modernization and Implementation of Assistive Technologies

If your software has seen better days, has intricate design, or lacks assistive technologies, we can modernize your platform to let it be used without struggles. We can analyze the market and latest trends and offer you the best solution for the students with all abilities and your employees.

Customization of EdTech Software

If you want to get a new or modernized solution faster without having a fear of spending much resources, we can offer to implement our ready-made widgets and products. In such cases, our customers are open to integrate Webix UI framework or DHTMLX JavaScript UI Library into their software to make it customized according to their goals.

MVP Development Services

In case you are not sure about the concept you have, we can focus on creating a prototype with just enough features to satisfy early adopters and let you gather feedback for future development. You won’t need to invest all your money in the project as it will profit from evaluating market requirements.

Staff Augmentation Services
Staff Augmentation Services

You have decided on the idea, analyzed the industry and current innovations, prepared all the resources for your future education software, but don’t have the needed tech stack expertise? No problem, we can gather the team of certain specialists to meet your requirements and needs by offering IT staff augmentation services.

Didn’t find what could click with your goals?

We have considerable expertise in custom software development for the education sphere and are ready to discuss any idea!

Variety of Tailored Solutions for the Education Sphere We Offer

Online Exam System
Data Management
Monitoring System
Reporting System

A system that aims to reduce paperwork, decrease human errors, and ensure a secure testing process.

It includes individual panels for different users to facilitate smooth operation for both examiners and examinees.The platform includes an easy-to use Test Builder to create and schedule tests with a couple of clicks.

School Schedule Maker App
Data Visualization System
Resource Management System
Scheduling System

A web-based software solution that is designed to simplify and automate the scheduling and timetable process for educational institutions. The teachers are able to create class timetables and manage their other working tasks in one tab to plan their work time more effectively.

Interactive Student Performance Tracking App
Data Management
Data Visualization System
Document Management

An online application designed for educational institutions to track and analyze student academic performance and check interactive grading dashboards. Educators can easily analyze various metrics, including cumulative curriculum advancement, average individual scores, class participation, and subject-specific grades.

Data Management System For Scholarships Awarding Organization
Data Management
Document Management
Tracking System

A user-friendly web-based platform for students seeking awards and for the organizations granting them. The system enables students to upload essays and transcripts, identify suitable scholarships, and more. Award grantors are able to maintain the organization’s branding elements, narrative, location details, etc.

EdTech Software Development Services
EdTech Software Development Services
EdTech Software Development Services

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How Our Custom-Made Education Software Helps Companies


Better document and exam management


On-demand access to any information related to the educational process


Communication process improvement


Sophisticated analytics and reporting of any participant’s performance


Early detection of performance issues for the development of corrective actions


Time reduction on task management and scheduling

The team has enabled the client to continue getting funds as well as improve research productivity. The quality of software has also continued to increase and there have been few communication issues. XB Software proves to be a reliable team as they meet deadlines and maintain a high-quality output.

David Gutman
Associate Professor, Emory University

XB’s excellent results and inexpensive solutions throughout the partnership earns them an exclusive and indefinite development contract. Moreover, the team’s availability and responsiveness have been instrumental to the success of the endeavor.

President, Educational Compliance Software Company

Working with XB has been a very positive experience. Our project manager has diligently captured requirements, communicated these to developers and then managed acceptance of the work to me.

If you want a dependable partner, on the basis of my experience, XB would be a good choice on your part.

Leyton Jones
Director of product design, development and client delivery at Educate Services

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